WB-400F Food Concession Trailer For Sale

WB-400F Concession Trailer Introduction

WB-400F is one of most retro food concession trailer design in the world. You may see this mobile concession trailer structure in USA, Europe, Australia and many other countries. It has simple square shape structure but has large interior space for cooking street food. There are some typical features:

  • Popular retro food trailer design in the market
  • Competitive price in all trailer models
  • Better performance in space efficiency
  • Various color and equipment customization options
  • Local standard watering system and electricity system
  • Light weight interior material decoration
  • Maximum trailer customization ability for your requirement
  • Multiple applications like mobile coffee shop/ Taco trailer/ BBQ trailer/ Pizza trailer

WB-400F is a cost effective solution for your concession trailer project. With fixed budget, you can get maximum size and interior space with this concession stand trailer model. It is a highly recommended product for you to start street food business!

WB-400F Concession Food Trailer Specification

Would you like to start a fully equipped food concession trailer with good price? WB-400F has integrated structure to cook your food.


Trailer Dimension(mm)
Trailer Body(mm)
Room Capacity: 3~4 People
Weight: 1250Kg
Axle: 2 sets
Tire Size: 185/60R 14
Brake System: electric & hand Manual
Exterior Material: galvanized steel plate
Interior Material: galvanized steel plate
Color Painting: customized Color
Food Machine: Optional

WB-400F concession food trailer has a combination of galvanized steel plate and sandwich interior board structure. There is no round corners or shapes on exterior surface so it is easy to paste large stickers and looks larger than other models. Since the interior space is large, you can put various food machines inside for cooking such as fryer, griddle, oven, salad bar, coffee machine etc.

WB-400F food trailer model has been used for many street food business in many countries. It means that you will not risk when select food trailer structure in many options. You can not refuse the attraction of better price on this concession trailer.

Details Of WB-400F Mobile Concession Trailer

Galvanized steel tube material of WB-400F food trailer

Durable Steel Structure

The trailer is built with our qualified galvanized square pipe. The food trailer chassis is anticorrosive can bear heavy equipment inside the trailer.

Interior decoration of WB-400F food trailer

Large Working Space

We build WB-400F as a  fully equipped food concession trailer with large interior space. Common food machines can be well installed on this trailer.

LED lighting on roof

Flat Interior Board

400F  mobile concession trailer has sandwich board for interior ceiling and walls. LED tubes are also mounted on ceiling for lighting in trailer. 

Stainless Steel Shelf on food trailer wall

Shelves On The Wall

Stainless steel shelves on food trailer walls can provide larger space to store kitchen tools, boxes or other small staffs for cooking.

Generator box on WB-400F food trailer

Propane Tank Holder

We build customized size of propane tank box based on your propane tank model. The material can be galvanized steel with painting or stainless steel.

Concession window of WB-400F food trailer

Trailer Serving Window

This food trailer has square shape on four sides. It is for you to open more windows on either side of the food trailer to serve food. 

Food Trailer LED lights

All Standard Trailer Lights

Webetter install identification light, stop, turn, tail and brake light on trailer. Those food trailer lights are approved with DOT standard, EEC standard and ADR standard etc.

Range hood on WB-400F food trailer

Rang Hood and Fan

The length of stainless steel rang hood can be customized. The hood is strong enough to ventilate the exhaust and smoke out of food trailer.

Would you like to buy concession trailer with more models and sizes?  No problem!

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WB-F Series Food Concession Trailer Applications

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