WB-290F Small Concession Trailer For Sale

WB-290F Concession Trailer Introduction

WB-290F is one of the smallest concession trailer model which help you to start street food business with less investment. This small food trailer has two axles and has larger loading capacity.The square shape without curve corners can offer you with larger space inside the food trailer. It is a popular concession catering trailer model for 2 or 3 workers inside.There are some typical features:

  • Small concession trailer size for 2-3 workers
  • Less investment to build your food trailer
  • Easy to move and drive on the city street
  • Fully equipment in small size food trailer body
  • Multiple types of street food business
  • Customized colors and cooking machines

WB-290F is affordable concession trailer for majority of street food business owners to build the food trailer. The small size food trailer can be your best food truck to expand the market around your restaurant.

WB-290F Small Concession Trailer Specification

Would you like to build a full-function food concession trailer with better price? WB-290F can save your cost and start your street food business.


Trailer Dimension(mm)
Trailer Body(mm)
Room Capacity: 2~3 People
Weight: 520Kg
Axle: 2 sets
Tire Size: 185/60R 14
Brake System: electric & hand Manual
Exterior Material: galvanized steel plate
Interior Material: galvanized steel plate
Color Painting: customized Color
Food Machine: Optional

WB-290F concession food trailer has a typical structure of galvanized steel plate as exterior and interior board. You can customize the painting color you want and can easily clean the concession trailer. The square shape is the most traditional shape and can apply to any kind of food business like Taco, coffee, Burger, Pizza, Ice cream etc.

Although WB-290F is smaller in size, you can still make the most of inner space to cook. We can optimize the layout inside the concession food trailer to install refrigerators, fryers, exhaust hood, griddles, sink, hot dog machine, salad bar and many other food machines. WB-290F food trailer can maximized the cooking machines you want for your business.

Details Of WB-290F Mobile Concession Trailer

Electric braking system of of WB-290F food trailer

Durable Chassis & Electric Brake

WB-290F small trailer is built with durable steel frame chassis and CE certificated electric brake system. It is safe to tow and drive on the road.

Water sink of WB-290F food trailer

Stainless Steel Sink and Table

Interior of concession trailer is easy to clean. We use stainless steel for working table and sink. The material is with high grade and safe to cook food.

Aluminum floor of WB-290F food trailer

Anti-Skip Floor

290F small food trailer has aluminum floor which is anti skipping. It is a safe design while workers cook food inside the small food concession trailer.

Distributing box of WB-290F food trailer

Distributor Control Box

WB-290F small concession trailer has a wall-mounted distributor electricity control box. All lights and electricity supply are controlled in the CE certificated distributor box.

gas tank holder and generator box frame of Aluminum floor of WB-290F food trailer

Propane Tank Holder

There are propane/gas tank holder and generator frame on the food trailer traction. It is a convenient way to supply fuel and electricity for the whole concession trailer.

Sliding window of WB-290F food trailer

Sliding Serving Window

Sliding window is optional equipment on WB-290F food trailer. The window can prevent dust from blowing inside working table and keep cooling while Air conditioner working.

Range hood of of WB-290F food trailer

Exhaust Hood On Wall

Webetter can build customized length of exhaust range hood on the food concession trailer wall. It is usually equipped together with fryers and griddle machines.

Red color of WB-290F small concession food trailer

Custom Painting Color

We can paint the WB-290F small concession food trailer with the color you want. The color of food trailer can be while, black, blue, red, pink, and any other single color or mixed colors.

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WB-290F Concession Trailer Applications

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