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Webetter food cart is the most popular catering trailer with good price. It has beautiful round shape and practical and functional structure for different kinds of street food business such as coffee, hot dog, Pizza, crepe, tea, cakes and more.

Webetter food catering trailer models can cover length from 2meters to 4meters and width from 1.62meters to 2 meters. These catering pods are light weight bellow 750Kgs and easy to drive on street. There are full equipment inside the mobile food trailer including range hood, gas tank holder, water sink, shelf, and optional food machines.

Small vending trailers have been hot model in our distributors’ purchasing lists. You can see these small catering trailer in Europe, United States, Australia and many other big markets.

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WB-220B Food Cart Trailer

  • Trailer Dimensions:3500mm×1620mm×2350mm
  • Body Length:2200mm×1620mm×2000mm
  • Trailer Weight:350Kgs
  • Color: Yellow/White/Black/Blue/Custom

WB-220B is a small mobile food cart trailer with light weight and space for 2 people working inside.  You can have basic equipment including sink, sockets, range hood, gas botttle, fridge and other food machines. This food trailer has small size, less shipping cost, and has been widely used in street food business.


WB-280W Mobile Food Cart

  • Trailer Dimensions:3800mm×2000mm×2350mm
  • Body Length:2800mm×2000mm×2100mm
  • Trailer Weight:670Kgs
  • Color: White/Yellow/Red/Blue/Custom

WB-280W is a longer mobile food cart with single axle. This trailer has large space inside because of the 2000mm width. If you need more space to put food machines and cook inside, WB-280W is the best solution for your snack food business. This mobile kitchen has a reasonable cost with more comfortable cooking stand function.


WB-260SG Mini Airstream Food Cart

  • Trailer Dimensions:3600mm×2100mm×2350mm
  • Body Length:2600mm×2100mm×2100mm
  • Trailer Weight:900Kgs
  • Color: Yellow/Green/Blue/ Customized

WB-260SG mini Airstream food cart is one of the smallest food cart model. The food cart shape is cute and attractive. You can choose proper food machines to install inside and use this tiny food trailer for coffee, snacks, hot dog, ice cream and other street food.


WB-290F Small Concession Trailer

  • Trailer Dimensions:4000mm×2100mm×2350mm
  • Body Length:2900mm×2100mm×2100mm
  • Trailer Weight:520Kgs
  • Color: White/Red/Yellow/Black/Blue/Custom

WB-290F is a small size square shape food trailer. It is a food trailer that majority of people can afford to invest. It has been widely used for start-up street food business such as coffee, hot dog, ice cream, Halal food etc. WB-290F small concession trailer is one of the best solution for you to start a food business dream.

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Everything You Should Know About Small Food Cart Trailer

Food trailers nowadays, can be extremely versatile. If you are considering investing in a food trailer, you will soon realize that the options are endless. You can choose between different models, shapes, amenities, and sizes. One of the most popular and flexible type of food trailers is the small sized one. In this article we are about to answer any question you might have when starting your own business and looking for an affordable food trailer solution.

Table of Contents

What is a small food truck trailer?

When we talk about a small food trailer, we refer to a vehicle that is around 2000mm to 4000mm length, when a bigger food trailer can have a length up to 10.000mm. Small concession trailers are less heavy, more flexible to move around, convenient to set up and much more affordable. Their size makes them extremely popular between young business owners because thanks to the smart design and innovative technology you can basically have the same functions in a more compact version.

Small catering trailer vs. Big size trailer

A small size trailer stands out for the flexibility it has and the ability to be part of numerous events. This convenient size makes it easy to carry around and set up quickly without any difficulties. Furthermore, it is an inexpensive vehicle and could be the perfect solution for new entrepreneurs that are just starting in the food trailer sector and don’t have a big budget to spend.

On the other hand, even though a big size trailer might not give you the flexibility and the convenience a small one does, it offers you a lot of extra amenities that according to the type of business you own, might be very useful.

Moreover, a big food trailer offers the space to install more specific food equipment, meaning that you can have all the tools and devices to complete the cooking process inside the trailer with no need to prepare things in advance. Apart from that, you could have more employees working inside, therefore being able to serve more clients. A big size food trailer also provides more storage space. This fact is crucial for businesses that depend on cooking, using various ingredients, or that sell food and alcohol at the same trailer (for example beer and burgers).

However, before opting for the bigger solution, you might also need to consider some inconveniences. The size of the trailer makes the carrying and installation process more complicated. Heavier trailers cannot be carried with your personal car, so you might need a truck or a special vehicle in order to move it around. Every time you bring it to an event, you need to carefully plan in advance where you are going to install it and always consult with the organization team. Ultimately, you will need a higher budget to start with, since the price and insurance costs of bigger food trailers are significantly more expensive.  

Inexpensive tiny food trailer price means lower investment risk

A small food trailer is obviously more affordable in comparison to a bigger one, meaning that you need a lower budget for your initial investment. Besides that, by purchasing a smaller food trailer you save on budget in the long-term run. Because of the size, you are paying less in insurance and mechanical expenses. Every future damage can be easily repaired on a low cost.

Want to move your trailer in different spaces? No problem!

A small food cart trailer is very convenient in ways you cannot even imagine before buying one. Fast set up time is one of the most significant advantages. Bringing your food trailer in a busy event can end up being quite complicated if you have to move it around. You need to consider that yours will not be the only vehicle in the venue, so a smaller size gives you the flexibility to set up quickly and efficiently without making a fuss.

Mini food truck trailers are considerably lighter. This means that they can be towed by cars and do not need a special truck for heavy vehicles. This aspect makes them very convenient when facing mechanical issues or damage on your own car. You could simply borrow the car of a friend or a relative to do the work. The solution at cases like this is easy and there is no need to call road assistance.

Another big advantage of smaller food trailers is storage space. Let’s imagine you own a seasonal business, and you only work on summer festivals. Where do you keep your food trailer while not using it? If you own a spacious trailer, you will probably need to rent parking space that can get quite pricey especially in big cities. However, when having a smaller trailer, you could just store it in your back yard or in the parking lot of your building.

What kinds of trailer businesses choose smaller food cart ?

Small mobile kitchen trailer can be very versatile and adapt at various food industries. One of the most popular one being coffee trailer. There are endless examples of very successful coffee food trailers. A coffee business doesn’t necessarily need a lot of space to prepare the beverages neither a lot of storage space. Plus, it can fully operate in small spaces with a few basic facilities such as a work counter, sockets, a small fridge, lights, and a water sink.

Other common food businesses that can make great usage out of a small kitchen trailer are burgers, bagels, hot dogs and cupcake or pastry restaurants. All of the above are businesses that don’t need big kitchens, can have the majority of the ingredients prepared and they only need to work on the final stage of the cooking process inside the food trailer.

Apart from the examples already mentioned, another business idea that is becoming more and more famous over the last few years is having a juice and cocktail trailer. A small food concession trailer can be perfect for this kind of products, since there is no heat process involved and there is a small storage space needed.

How hard is selling my small size food trailer if I no longer need it?

The size of the food trailer is also important if you decide to resell it, either because you want to switch to a different food trailer or leave the business. The new business owner can easily adapt it to his needs without spending a lot of money. Painting it a different color can be significantly cheaper since there is a smaller surface to paint. This is something that you should also keep in mind as a business owner, the cost of any modification on the interior or exterior of your food trailer is more economical for smaller sizes.

What is the initial cost of a small food trailer?

Food trailers are quite customizable especially if you decide to participate in the designing process and give specific requirements to the manufacturer. However, there are some standard models that start from as little as 3.500 £, this price would include standard facilities and equipment such as: nonslip floor, lights on the sealing, counters and cabinets, sockets, double water sink with cold and hot water, fridge, gas tank and a generator. This is more or less everything a new entrepreneur needs when he/she first starts a restaurant on wheels.

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Choosing the perfect small vending carts for your business can be a fun and interesting process, there are a lot of factors you will have to consider like storage space, cooking equipment, the number of people working at the same time and the process of moving it and setting it up.

Having a clear vision of all the parameters mentioned above can help you make the right decision on the size of your food cart trailer. If you still find this process difficult and confusing don’t hesitate to contact us. An expert from our team can guide you through the process and deliver a product that covers your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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