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Polo Cafe mobile coffee food trailer

When you hear the word polo your mind might directly go to the famous horseback ball sport. However, the owners of Polo Café claim that polo can be a whole lifestyle. 

But let’s take it from the start: 

Polo Café is a cafeteria on wheels that serves specialty coffee, unique flavors of ice cream, fresh smoothies and healthy snacks. The company counts on not only one, but two coffee and snack trailers based in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. 

Polo Café is not your usual coffee place, it is an innovative concept that focuses on creating extraordinary coffee recipes and got very famous thanks to its aesthetically pleasing and cool design. Their mission is to make their customers feel welcome and comfortable, connect over a cup of great coffee and enjoy the cozy vibes of their location. 

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What makes Polo Café exceptional? 

As you might have already noticed Polo Café has been deeply influenced by the horseback game named polo. Polo is one of the most impressive team sports to watch, and historically is a spectator sport for high society.

Undeniably, horses are some of the most breathtaking animals to watch, they symbolize strength and speed, and these are two of the main things Polo Café trailers offers their consumers. They provide them with a tasty beverage that fills them with energy and rush. The logo of the company is a horse so that all customers can directly make the connection to their mind.

However, the Polo Café creators did not use the famous sport only as an inspiration for their logo but also for the style of their coffee trailers. Both trailers are white like the pants of the horse riders and have wooden details like the wooden mallets polo players use to hit the ball. 

Nevertheless, one of the most remarkable aspects of Polo Cafe is the fact that it is hosted in a trailer instead of a regular coffee place location. 

Why is a mobile coffee trailer the best option for Polo Café? 

Choosing a trailer as a home for your coffee business has a lot of advantages you cannot even imagine:

Low cost of small coffee cart

In cities like Abu Dhabi space rentals in central districts can get extremely high, if you want to avoid paying rent you might consider owning a space but, in this case, you will need an enormous initial budget.

Apart from rental costs, you should always consider all the bills that you will pay monthly to run this space such as: electricity, water, heating, insurance, security and cleaning service. On the other hand, a horse coffee trailer has no rental costs and significantly lower bills.

Unique and eye-catching coffee trailer design

Every day you might cross hundreds of cafeterias located in malls, shops, or public transport stations, however you don’t take the time to notice each one of them, that is mostly because there are so many, and they are so similar. On the other hand, how many times during your lifetime have you seen a coffee trailer? We are sure the answer is “few”. 

Beautiful small coffee and snacks cart trailers like Polo Café are hard to find. Their identity design and the fact that they choose a trailer over a fixed shop location makes them unique and directly noticeable, it is also a strong feature that they can use in their marketing strategy. 

Adaptability in all locations

Apart from the very important advantages mentioned above, choosing a trailer over a fixed store location as a home for your cafeteria is the fact that you can take it literally wherever you want to. Instead of waiting for your target clients to somehow discover you, you can directly reach their location.

Trailer businesses like Polo Café have the chance to try different spots in the city, where different types of audiences hang out and pick the location that generates for them more sales. Furthermore, they also have a catering service that takes part in various events like model photoshoots and movie set ups in the amazing locations of Abu Dhabi, birthdays and ultimately polo games! A mobile cafeteria can be wherever a coffee break is needed, that means everywhere!

When Polo Café met Webetter Coffee Trailers

In the case of Polo Café, the trailers they have chosen are considered a very important part of the identity of the brand. Both of the models they have, belong to the category of small food trailers however, space hasn’t been a problem for Polo Café.

Even in a limited space, all the equipment needed could still be installed. If you could take a look inside you would see that they have everything they need to function their business like: coffee machine, sink, cupboards, storage space, workbenches, sockets and lights.

We also have to mention that their small space does not limit them from having more concession trailer menu board items. Polo Café actually has a bigger variety of coffees, beverages and snacks than your local cafeteria. 

Coffee Food Trailer Design and Materials

Both trailers of Polo Café have a more rounded shape with no hard edges, the rounded shape gives a smoother look to the trailer and also makes it unique in comparison to square food concession trailers and food trucks.

The material mostly used on the inside and outside of Polo Café is steel. The interior is made with stainless steel to be resistant over time and easy to clean and the exterior is made with steel plates that are afterwards painted in a beautiful white color.

The wooden details are actually not made from wood since wood is not a very resistant material in time and bad weather conditions, they are also made out of steel plates and then they are painted in order to have this wooden color. 

Webetters’ trailers can be customized in so many different ways, it is all up to the clients’ needs. The trailers of Polo Café are designed and manufactured in order to create an easy and functional place to work but at the same time have a stylish and modern result in order to be noticed and attract more clients.

Marketing and Visual Identity For Mobile Coffee Cart

Polo Café is one of those brands that have a very detailed design and a very clear product idea before setting up the business. The coffee trailer design, their website & social media content and their packaging all contribute to a very specific visual identity.

Their soft color and minimalistic design transmit cool vibes and attract customers that have a certain lifestyle, that prioritize quality over cheap prices and are looking for a product that apart from tasty is aesthetically pleasing. 

In Polo Cafe they use their trailer as a marketing tool. The plain white color of the trailer with the wooden details contributes to the stylish look of the brand. There is a coherence between their physical and digital presence since if you take a look at their webpage and social media accounts.

You will see that they are using the same colors, forms and textures that are used in the coffee trailers. The appealing look of the product and the trailer in combination with their specialty coffee and fresh snacks creates a community of returning clients. 

Is a coffee and snack trailer business a good idea? 

According to the example of Polo Café, choosing a trailer for your coffee business is a brilliant idea. You get to enjoy all the benefits coming from the flexibility to set it in multiple locations with less than half the costs a normal cafeteria would have. By working with an experienced manufacturer like Webetter, you can design exactly the trailer you want for your business since we always respect your necessities and fulfill all your requests. 

Furthermore, by choosing a completely customizable solution for your business you have the chance to make a trailer that enhances and elevates your visual identity while forming an important marketing element for your brands’ campaigns.

With coffee trailers every idea can come to life and your beautiful cafeteria can be part of so many different events and be set up in some of the best parking locations for coffee trailer

If you are thinking about opening a coffee business, you might need to start considering seriously a coffee concession trailer solution. Get closer to your clients, be part of their everyday walk in the park or offer them the best catering service in a private event. With this versatile business concept, you can get more than creative, the sky’s the limit! 

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