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Webetter Pizza trailer fleet in factory
Webetter Pizza trailer fleet in factory

Mobile Pizza Trailer Business Introduction

Mobile pizza trailer business has been popular in the street food market. As we all know, Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world. Originally derived from Naples Italy and similar to flatbreads topped with food eaten as far back as Roman times , Pizza first became popular in the USA thanks to Italian migration. Today Pizza is a worldwide phenomenon.

 According to statistics, the market value of the pizza industry across Western Europe is approximately $49.3 billion per year, with the USA following closely at $48.6 billion. These figures indicate that everyone loves Pizza and although the figures relate to all types of Pizza including those sold for home consumption, takeaway Pizzas make up a sizable proportion of this figure.

Structure of Mobile Pizza Trailer


Dimensions : 9m x 2.1m x 2.45m
Axles: 3 Axles
Weight: 2700 kg
Material: Stainless steel
Machines: Pizza oven, salad box, refrigerator, pizza dough rolling mill
Anti-slip floor and S/S interior
Autonomous water system with hot water supply and drain tank
Full internal LED lighting
Mobile Pizza trailer
left side of pizza trailer
left side of pizza trailer
mobile pizza oven
mobile pizza oven
Webetter Airstream pizza trailer
Webetter Airstream pizza trailer

One of the secrets to the success of Pizza is that this simple food can be customized to create many fabulous different meals. Unlike many other fast foods, pizzas are fantastic for all types of diet including vegan and vegetarian and committed meat eaters don’t have to miss out either. The truth is that everyone loves pizza and we can’t get enough of it!

What Makes a Good Pizza Business?

A good pizza business delivers taste and variety. But the good news for business owners is that you can offer a varied menu using very few ingredients. The secret mainly lies in the toppings and providing tried and trusted favourites such as Margarita and Quatre Stagione as well as new twists on these established favourites.

Should pineapple ever be added to pizza? This THE big question that you can try out on your customers once you get started!

The pizza base is important too. Thick crusty pizza bases, thin bases and Calzone pizzas can all be created from the same basic ingredients. Add good quality inexpensive toppings and your profit margin on each meal can be impressive.

A basic cheese pizza should only cost around $.089 in materials to make in the USA , yet can be sold way in excess of this figure multiple times. If handled right a pizza business is enormously profitable. When you consider the basic ingredients necessary to make a great pizza, this type of food is one of the most profitable in the world.

That said opening a pizza restaurant might not be easy.

Operating Risk for Traditional Pizza Restaurant

Opening your own bricks and mortar pizza restaurant is not necessarily a sound financial move. The costs can be prohibitive when it comes to paying rent and rates on a commercial property. In addition you have to factor in the costs of fitting out your restaurant, hiring in staff who will all need to be paid plus all the other issues that affect restaurant owners.

In addition you need to consider your location very carefully. Is there a market for pizzas in your area or is it an area that is largely dead by 6 pm? Can you compete with other restaurants and takeaway outlets including the multi chain operators such as Dominoes in your area?

Running a pizza restaurant can be very expensive because although the basic ingredients to make the food are cheap, the overheads can be enormous.

Square pizza food trailer
Square pizza food trailer

Benefits of Mobile Pizza Oven Trailer Business

A more profitable and risk free option is to create a mobile pizza oven business.  That way you don’t have to pay for expensive shop fitting and you are not tied to operating in one location. With a trailer mounted pizza oven you are free to test out new areas and you can also maximise on festivals and other popular events where you have a hungry clientele who will all want to eat!

In addition, you don’t need to worry about staffing. A mobile pizza business is fully scalable and you can test out your business plan before you commit to world domination!  A successful mobile pizza business can be operated by just one person or a couple so is a fantastic way to get started in the food business.

Mobile Pizza Oven business VS. Fixed Restaurant

  • A pizza oven food trailer is relatively inexpensive to set up compared with a fixed based restaurant
  • You can choose to operate your pizza business on a part time basis if required
  • You can pick and choose your location
  • You don’t need to pay for the running costs of a physical building such as rent and rates
  • Once your pizza oven trailer has been delivered, you can start work immediately
  • With a proactive approach you can provide catering at a wide range of venues and events such as fetes, music festivals, local occasions or even private parties. There are hundreds of niche events that need onsite catering so mobile pizza business can be extremely profitable.
WB-500SG mobile pizza trailer
WB-500SG mobile pizza trailer

Equipment You Need for a Mobile Pizza Oven Trailer

The first thing you need for your mobile pizza business is your pizza food cart.

Henan Webetter provide a range of specialist food trailers that can be customized to your own requirements. We have exported mobile pizza oven to Europe, the UK, USA, Australasia, Asia and the Middle East.

Webetter pizza trailer for sale are eye catching and attractive. Each trailer is constructed from stainless steel and features numerous technical advancements. Because concession pizza trailer is built from scratch, every little detail is considered from the construction of the chassis to the placement of the taps, the stainless steel worktops and counter and the colour trim.

All Webetter pizza oven trailers undergo a lengthy production process that ensures that the trailer is safe to use and is tough enough to withstand all weather conditions. All mobile pizza oven trailers are fully insulated and have undergone stringent safety testing before they are exported.

Easy to tow, you can transport one of the smaller pizza oven food trailers with an ordinary estate car or similar. Choose from a wide range of sizes and specifications to find the perfect pizza cart for your business.

Webetter pizza oven trailer
Webetter pizza oven trailer

Equipment List On Webetter Pizza Trailer

The trailer mounted pizza oven comes fully fitted with everything you need so you can start operating your business immediately, Equipment includes:

  • Pizza oven
  • Extraction fan
  • Fryer
  • Propane box
  • Sinks
  • Fridges and storage units
  • Water tanks
  • Counter
  • Preparation area

If you are not sure of the best layout for your mobile pizza oven, speak to one of our representatives and let us help you decide.

WB-600F pizza oven trailer
WB-600F pizza oven trailer

Types of Pizza Oven For Mobile Food Trailer

The most important piece of equipment for any mobile pizza concession trailer business is your pizza oven. This comes fully fitted into your pizza catering trailer so will enable you to create the authentic Italian pizza experience wherever you may be.

The pizza food cart is a new development in pizza oven manufacture, because it is suitable for mobile use without compromising on quality.  Webetter has rich experience to install different types of pizza ovens especially adapted for fitting into wood fired pizza trailer and mobile gas pizza oven.

We choose portable pizza oven that can be powered by electric, gas, wood for easy controllable heat. It also utilizes reusable lava stones in order to generate heat.  And with a sheer lava stone cooking surface it means that your pizza bases will be always be perfect and crispy without burning.

Webetter use only high quality commercial equipment for outdoor pizza carts.  

portable pizza oven for trailer
portable pizza oven for trailer
Gas stainless steel pizza oven on pizza trailer
Gas stainless steel pizza oven on pizza trailer

Gas/Electric Indoor Pizza Oven

This Gas/electric indoor stainless pizza oven is a multiple function oven. It can be used for baking pizza, bread, cake and many other foods. When you bake pizza, you can choose electric power or propane tank power. This portable pizza oven on concession trailer also has one deck, two decks, three decks as well as different size trays for your pizza. Here are some structural features:

1. High-grade resistance wire as heating element, safe and durable design, high efficiency and  bake well.
2. Exquisite appearance, excellent in workmanship, reasonable resistance layout , baking evenly.
3. Aluminum plated chamber,strong thermal radiation, energy efficient, and fully in line with international food hygiene and safety requirements.
4. Smart electrical control system with good quality components. Micro-computer panel or digital temperature control, convenient and durable, high accuracy.
5. Separate deck structure design inside the oven, easy delivery and installation.
6. New Design, thick steel material,  non-deformation in high temperature, good insulation performance, excellent durability and energy saving.

Brick Wooden:gas fire pizza oven
Brick Wooden:gas fire pizza oven
Brick Pizza Oven installed on Webetter trailer
Brick Pizza Oven installed on Webetter trailer
Brick pizza oven inside trailer
Brick pizza oven inside trailer

 Outdoor Gas/Wood Fire Brick Pizza Oven

This outdoor brick pizza oven can be powered by wood burning or gas for easy controllable heat. It also utilizes reusable lava stones in order to generate heat.  And with a sheer lava stone cooking surface it means that your pizza bases will be always be perfect and crispy without burning.

 Lava stone is a fantastic medium for pizza cooking because it quickly reaches the required temperature. In addition the oven is fast, easy to control and easy to use so can cope with high volumes of orders at busy times.

Wood fired pizza trailers are extremely attractive. Your customers will realize that they are enjoying an authentic pizza, cooked in a traditional oven. For you as the operator, you can benefit from fast pizza delivery to your customers. 

Portable stainless steel Pizza oven
Portable stainless steel Pizza oven
Commercial pizza oven for trailer
Commercial pizza oven for trailer
Stainless steel portable Pizza oven
Stainless steel portable Pizza oven

Mini commercial Stainless Steel Pizza Oven

This portable pizza oven is very cheap, lightweight, and small size in pizza oven trailer. It can bake 12 inch pizzas at a time, which can meet the needs of a whole family. It has double-layer stainless steel structure to keep safe. With this mini pizza oven, you will save a lot of space inside the mobile pizza oven trailer. Then you can put more food machines inside to offer different foods and beverage service on street.

The pizza oven runs on wood pellets, authentic gas, and charcoal. The maximum temperature the item can heat up can reach 500 Celsius. Even it is small size, you can use it to  bake various kinds of meals on your pizza food cart. 

How Webtter Build High Quality Mobile Pizza Oven

Leaving aside the high technical specifications and the cooking ability of the pizza oven, Webetter pizza trailers must be some of the most eye catching food trailers on the market.  Each pizza trailer has struct quality control and customized layout inside food trailer. Here are some features of Webetter pizza food trailers:

1. High-grade raw materials to build pizza trailer.  Webetter can a stable supply chain of steels and stainless steel panels for building pizza trailer structure. We have our own painting warehouse to control the surface color painting. Our technical team keeps introducing new materials to improve the quality and visual effect of mobile pizza trailer.
2. Skillful works to weld and assemble trailer body. Building a pizza trailer need dozens of  flows in Webetter trailer factory. We have well trained workers and engineers to design and  assemble main components to build a durable pizza trailer. We are committed to building stable quality food trailer for each client.
3. Customized layout for each pizza trailer. In Webetter trailer factory, you can choose different design of mobile pizza trailer. We have popular food trailer models covering different size and prices. We build each trailer based on your own layout and sticker or logo designs. You can buy a highly customized pizza trailer according to your business reqirement.
4. Fully equipped cooking machine. To build a better pizza trailer, Webetter will offer quality cooking machines for your business. Those equipment includes basic sockets, lighting, water system, stainless steel working counter, rang hood, pizza oven as well as  optional machines like salad bar, pizza dough rolling mill machines etc.
5. Strict inspection before pizza trailer delivery. Webetter will inspect each equipment in the pizza trailer before we deliver it to clients. We make sure each machines inside can work well and has been well protected while ocean shipping. Whats’s more, we will ensure the pizza trailer we built is exactly what the client has told to build .
6. Certification for Pizza trailer import and registration. While many food trailer factories are still lack of certification to export to western countries, Webetter pizza trailers are fully road tested and manufactured to the standards and regulations of your own country. All Webetter products are certificated with CE, ISO, COC certification and fully conform to road standards of your country.

Webetter Pizza Trailer Designs and Applications

As leading food trailer factory in China, Webetter has exported our pizza trailer to global market with competitive prices and superior manufacturing quality. We are accustomed to working with customers from all around the world and are happy to work with individual customers as well as deal with high volume trade enquiries.

Here you can find more pizza trailer solutions from Webetter. We can build mobile gas pizza oven, wood fired pizza trailer,  and mobile electric pizza oven. For example, the svelte airstream pizza trailer design, reminiscent of 1950s classic trailers will always create a stir when you roll up onsite. In addition you can choose the paint trim and design to perfectly match your pizza company brand. Eye catching great quality of the mobile pizza trailer is always in fashion and your customers will love buying and eating their pizza from such an iconic looking establishment.

Buying pizza trailers directly from our factory in China, may seem like a big step but with our easy communication, strict attention to detail and expertise in worldwide shipping, it is the easiest and most profitable way to get your plans of a mobile pizza business up and running.



Would you like more pizza oven trailer models and sizes for your pizza business?  No problem!

Download our food trailer catalog for you! 

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