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Trailer Bar Business Introduction

Over the years and especially during this last decade we have seen extraordinary and unique ideas in the mobile trailer industry. One of the most successful business models especially during the last couple of years with the covid pandemic is Mobile Bars.

Now that you have all the information you need regarding mobile bar businesses you can decide if this business model is the one for you. Mobile bar trailer is a strong trend on the rise and they are will keep gaining popularity in the following years, making them a great investment opportunity for new entrepreneurs.

Structure of Mobile Portable Bars


Trailer Dimension(mm)
Trailer Body(mm)
Room Capacity: 10~15 People
Weight: 2050Kg
Axle: 2 set
Tire Size: 185/60R 14
Brake System: electric & hand Manual
Exterior Material: galvanized steel plate
Interior Material: galvanized steel plate
Stage Size: 5500mm×2000mm
Fence Heigh: 600mm
unfolding WB-700Bar trailer
AIRSTREAM beer trailer
AIRSTREAM beer trailer
Heldon beer food trailer in events
Heldon beer food trailer in events
Beer machine in food trailer
Beer machine in food trailer

Rising Popularity of The Mobile Bar Trailer Solution

Food trailers got their name because historically they have been used as mobile restaurants in order to sell food to the people on the street. With the evolution of the street culture and while more and more people see the public space as a place for entertainment Bar Trailers Solutions began to arise.

A Mobile Bar Trailer is the perfect idea for motivated entrepreneurs who are looking forward to starting their own business in the bar sector but have a limited budget to invest. Just like any other normal bar you can serve drinks and play music, create your own unique cocktails and use the natural space as your background.

Mobile Bar Trailers are also an amazing marketing idea for any brand that sells alcoholic beverages. Beer and wine producers can have a mobile advertisement inside the city to promote their products, attract potential clients and get people to try their drinks.

WB-1100Y beer trailer
WB-1100Y beer trailer

Advantages of a Bar Trailer

1. Limited costs and good profit opportunity of mobile bars on wheels

The initial costs of a Mobile Bar Trailer can be quite low since you need limited space and you can start operating with the standard equipment unless you have specific needs. Alcoholic drinks have a great margin of profit since they are affordable to buy and they don’t have a short expiration date so you don’t need to be worried about your inventory if you are not getting the sales you have been waiting for.

Serving alcohol is also quick and it doesn’t require much preparation, which means that you are also cutting expenses on staff salaries.

Mini bar trailer

2. High demand of selling alcohol on mobile bar

Alcoholic beverages belong to a category of products that are not seasonal and never get out of fashion. The demand for alcohol will be always high especially if you choose your location wisely. Furthermore, during the covid pandemic, most bars and restaurants that were serving alcoholic beverages had to remain closed or suffered from certain restrictions. People have started going out on the public space, on parks or at the beach and the demand for mobile bar trailers got even higher.

3. Uniqueness of mobile bar designs

When the vast majority of mobile trailers sell food, having a bar trailer is unique and different. Since bars mostly work when the sun goes down you can decorate it with beautiful lights and install a sound system for music. Portable bar trailers in bright colours are much more appealing and can attract many clients thanks to their cool look.

4. Marketing and Brand Promotion of Trailer bar

Some of the most important brands in the sector of alcoholic beverages use portable bar trailers to promote their products. You might have seen them in flea markets, music festivals or any type of outdoor events.

Mobile bar vehicles are a cool way to catch peoples attention and get them to know your brand and try your drinks. Major brands of alcoholic beverages bring a custom bar trailer to the events they sponsor especially if they are launching a new flavour or a different packaging and they want people to get to know it.

Mobile bar business are also a great idea for smaller brands, like a local beer brewery or a small winery, that way they can participate in open events like festivals and outdoor markets or private events like weddings, ceremonies and parties. Being a bar on wheels they have the flexibility to serve there drinks everywhere and be able to attend all types of events.

WB-300RR horse trailer bar
WB-300RR horse trailer bar

Equipment You Need Inside a Trailer Bar

When it comes to mobile bar trailers your food equipment depends on the type of alcoholic beverages you are going to sell. A cocktail bar trailer has very different equipment needs than a beer bar trailer or a wine bar trailer. Just like any other food trailer your mobile trailer bar will have the standard equipment that includes the kitchen equipment with water sinks, taps, tanks, all electricity accessories and a stainless steel workbench. Most bar trailers will also need a fridge or freezer to keep alcohol and ice.

Mobile Beer Bar Trailer/Truck Equipment

If you are selling canned beer in your bar trailer, the basic bar refrigerator system in enough for you. Make sure you take care of the maintenance of your refrigerator system and have it regularly checked by a professional since it is one of the most important parts of your business.

If you are selling draft beer you need a completely different installation that consists of a draft beer dispenser and a beer tank in the portable beer trailer. If you are selling more than one varieties of draft beer you will need multiple dispensers and multiple beer tanks to store all the different flavours of beer in the trailer.

Mobile Wine Bar Trailer Equipment

Wine cannot be served at any temperature and you cannot cool it down using ice. For a mobile wine bar you will need a wine cabinet where you can store the wine and maintain it in the correct temperature that is between 15°C and 18°C for red wines and between 5°C and 10°C for white wines. By installing a special cabinet you are not only serving the wine in the perfect temperature but it is also great for the presentation and the visual aspect of your wine trailer business.

Double deck bar trailer
Double deck bar trailer

Additional Portable Bar Trailer Equipment

Apart from the basic trailer bar equipment we have mentioned above you will also need space to store and display your products and your work tools. A must have when it comes to bar equipment are hanging racks where you can hand your wine glasses upside down and have easy access to them.

The installation of shelfs on mobile bar is also necessary since you need space to keep all the different bartending tools. Ultimately, bar mats are great to put on the service window since they can prevent spills and protect the surface of your trailer bar from getting wet. They are usually made from a heavy rubber material and they are very resistant.

Machines in bar trailer
Machines in bar trailer
refrigerator on bar trailer
refrigerator on bar trailer
Shelf on bar trailer
Shelf on bar trailer
LED chairs and tables on Mobile Bar trailer
LED chairs and tables on Mobile Bar trailer

Which is the best mobile bars on wheels?

There are many popular food trailer models that can be easily adapted to the needs of a mobile bar trailer. Since there is no cooking involved you don’t need much space to make different food preparations and you can fully operate your bar with one or two people working inside.

Any small food trailer model that has a big service window a good refrigerating system and the basic kitchen equipment installed is a great solution for a mobile bar. If you need specific equipment for your activity you can always communicate with the experienced team of professionals of Webetter where we can fully personalize your trailer and build a custom portable trailer bar for your business.



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