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Ice Cream Truck/Trailer Business Introduction

Selling ice cream on a food truck or a food trailer is a very old business idea since the history of the ice cream street vendors dates back to the 19th century. Ice cream vendors would drive into residential neighborhoods and they would sell their ice cream that were out to play.

Structure of Ice Cream Food Truck


Trailer Dimension(mm): 3600×2100×2350mm
Trailer Body(mm):
Room Capacity: 1~2 Persons
Weight(Kgs): 900Kgs
Axles: Single axles
Tire Size:  185/60R 14
Color: Green (Optional)
Brake System: Electric & hand Manual
Exterior & Interior Material:
Galvanize steel /Stainless steel
Food Machines:
Optional Ice Cream machine/ Refrigerator 

The popularity of ice cream trailer business

WB-280W ice cream trailer on street
WB-280W ice cream trailer on street
WB-280W ice cream trailer interior decoration
WB-280W ice cream trailer interior decoration
WB-280W ice cream trailer machines inside
WB-280W ice cream trailer machines inside

Ice cream trailers are one of the most famous and most successful business models over the years since ice cream is a very common sweet snack that you eat on the go and most people crave when they are out for a walk. Ice creams are extremely popular in the hot summer seasons but you can get clients coming all year round especially if you are located in a sunny park or a busy waterfront.

Ice cream food trailer trucks  are also constantly gaining popularity in the mobile food world because of the type of product they are selling. Food trailers that sell burgers, noodles or pizza need specialized chefs and experienced staff to prepare the food before serving it to the clients. In the case of ice cream trailers, ice cream is already made when brought to the food trailer so you need less service stuff and they don’t necessarily need to be very experienced.

Advantages of an ice cream food trailer truck

1. Basic Ice Cream trailer equipment

As we have already mentioned food trailers/trucks that sell ice cream don’t evolve cooking so there is no need for expensive cooking equipment. A new ice cream business entrepreneur has to spend less budget on the initial costs of the food trailer and its equipment.

Having very minimal equipment on a snow cone trailer, we also don’t need a lot of space since we are not going to have many people working inside at the same time. However, if we decide to add more services in our ice cream trailer like milkshakes or coffee we are rising the amount of the initial expenses. If we are on a tight budget, we can keep the custom ice ccream food truck basic and affordable.

WB-400SG Ice cream food trailer

2. Limited operating expenses of Ice Cream truck

Operating expenses can include maintenance costs, gasoline, staff salaries, food expenses and many others. When running an ice cream food trailer you can perfectly calculate the expenses of each month because you are selling a product that since it is frozen does not expire quickly.

Ice cream, syrups, cones and toppings are all ingredients that have a long freezer or shelf life so if you don’t sell the number of ice creams you have thought you would this week you don’t need to through it away, you can still sell it next week. Furthermore, all products mentioned above are quite affordable to buy in most countries and they are not seasonal products, which means that you will be available to find them all year long.

3. Many location options: Less competition for Ice Cream trailer

Ice cream is such a popular product that an ice cream mobile business would thrive basically everywhere minus the North Pole. You can set your ice cream truck in so many parts of the city: amusement parks, museums, shopping malls, sports stadiums, beaches… and the list goes on.

Having the possibility to set your food trailer in all those different locations means less competition. Before choosing the perfect spot for your food trailer make sure there are no other ice-cream trailers or ice cream shops in a close distance so you can be the only option for clients who are craving a delicious ice cold ice cream.

What type of ice cream to sell on trailer/truck?

Deciding on the type of ice cream you are going to sell before ordering your ice cream cart trailer is very important since it can affect your equipment choices and it has a profound impact on the marketing of your brand.

Novelties are by far the easiest choice since they are pre-packaged so they help you control your inventory and also to reduce some food handling concerns on ice cream food truck. Apart from novelties, there are more interesting and potentially more profitable options such as soft ice cream and hard ice cream.

If you decide to sell soft or hard ice cream the options are endless, you can decide on the size of your scoop, the combinations of ice cream flavors and choose appealing toppings. By selling soft or hard ice cream it is easier to raise your prices if you get creative and sell ice cream that is truly unique.

What kind of equipment does an ice cream food trailer/truck needs?

As we have mentioned earlier when running an ice cream food trailer you need neither a lot of space nor much equipment to operate your business. However, you still need a place to store and freeze ice cream and extra storage space to keep your cones, cups, syrups and topics.

As in every other food trailer, the standard configuration needs to be installed, which means water sinks, taps, tanks, all electricity accessories and a stainless steel workbench. The main part of the towable ice cream cart is reserved for the fridge. Depending on each client’s needs there are many different options of fridges.

According to the shape and the size of the fridge, we decide the characteristics of the service window. In some cases, the front counter is made really low so that people could see from outside the Ice cream food truck the flavors that are available.

Ice cream machines and freezers on trailers

When starting an ice cream truck business, your freezers and ice cream machine are the most important pieces of equipment you own since you cannot operate without them. Having problems with your refrigeration can destroy your entire inventory and can imply serious costs for your ice cream trailer businesses revenue.

Make sure that your freezers and ice cream machines can reach the desired temperatures and do regular maintenance checks with a refrigeration professional to prevent future problems.

If you decide to sell soft ice cream you will need the necessary equipment to prepare and dispense the ice cream. You will also need a powerful generator to make sure that all your equipment is running properly on the snow cone vending trailer .

Ice Cream Food Truck
Ice Cream Food Truck

Additional equipment on ice cream cart

Apart from the necessary freezing equipment that all ice cream mobile businesses need in order to start operating, you can also invest in additional equipment that will help you save time or make your ice cream trailer more appealing to customers.

A display for your cones, syrups and toppings can be great to attract clients and help them visualize their options and choose quicker. Another great investment for all small mobile ice cream businesses is a cash register system or a POS system that you can operate with a tablet and can help you manage your orders, sales and inventory.

WB-280W ice cream trailer interior decoration
WB-280W ice cream trailer interior decoration
electric showcase
electric showcase
Ice-cream Maker
Ice-cream Maker
Double Milk Shake Machine
Double Milk Shake Machine

What is the best food truck model for an ice cream business?

One of the many advantages of an ice cream food truck business is that it doesn’t need a lot of space so any model from the small food trailer category with the necessary customization would do great. However, at Webetter we have a special Ice Cream Food Trailer Model that according to our experienced team of professionals it is the perfect model to go for most ice cream businesses. Our Ice Cream Food Truck Model is made with an outdoor ice cream display so that the clients can easily see all the flavors they have to choose from, while it is also the best marketing tool to attract new customers.

Now that you have all the information you need to know before taking this decision, you can think if an ice cream business model could be a good idea for you. If you have already decided that an ice cream food trailer will be your next business plan but you are not sure about the trailer that fits your needs don’t hesitate to contact our team of professionals that are always available to find out for you the best solution for your brand.



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