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Heldon beer food trailer in events

Over the past decade we have noticed more and more food trailers and trucks in events, concerts, parks or even in our social media feed. The idea of the traditional food trailer is slowly dying. Even though up until now they had been associated with an easy, fast-food option to eat on the go, nowadays you can even find food trailers that have won a Michelin star. 

The evolution of street food is directly connected to the evolution of concession trailers. Young chefs and small food brands often opt for a food catering trailer since it is a significantly more affordable option, in comparison to a restaurant or bar. The variety of food trailers menu items is now huge including different cuisines from all around the world, fusion flavors, and innovative concepts. In the vehicle where you could once only find hot dogs and burgers, you can now see bao buns, cupcakes, pizzas, and cocktails. 

One of our own recent clients is a beer producer that decided to invest in a beer trailer in order to promote, evolve and grow his business. 

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1. Our client: Hedon Beer Story

Hedon is a beer company founded in 2014 by three passionate brewers. They started by making their first beer called Credo but as the years went by, they became so much more than that. At the moment, Hedon does not only produce beer, but it creates a whole new experience around it. In their exquisite location near the lake Balaton, next to Budapest they have created a vivid green paradise to host all kinds of events.

2. Why would a beer company get a food trailer? 

Brand Promotion. Having a food trailer instead of a restaurant gets you instantly noticed. A colorful big truck, with unique decoration and your logo on it, is eye – catching and definitely instagramable. 

Having your trailer at a beautiful location, or even better, moving it to various spots of the city can get you captured and reposted. If used wisely, your workspace could be your most important tool to generate content and boost your brand marketing. 

Unique product presentation. Hedon can definitely get you to try their beer by placing it in restaurants and bars. However, in places like those, their products are just another menu item. By selling your beer in a food trailer you are inviting people to try it, get to know the brand and taste different flavors. Getting a glass of ice-cold handcrafted beer while sitting in the park is easy and accessible to everybody. Associating your product with a moment gets your clients to come over and over again. This unique experience creates loyalty and trust in your brand.

Having a truck to sell your own product gives you full control on the conditions your product is served and presented. This contributes to costumers’ satisfaction and makes your brand unique and distinguishable. 

Creating a one-of-a-kind experience around your product 

Hedon is a brand created from people who love brewed beer, and by this we are not only referring to this bubbly beverage. They love the experience of having a beer, of sharing a moment with friends, relaxed and carefree. Having a food truck is something that was completely aligned with the philosophy of the brand, bringing people together over cold beer and good food. Hedon is all about experiencing these moments with others. 

In their case the purchase of a food truck gave them the chance to not only sell beer, but to create events for people who love beer and present their product in a very imaginative way. With a visit to their website, you will find out that they are organizing all kinds of special events and gatherings like team buildings, birthdays and even weddings. 

3. How did Webetter help Hedon find the perfect food trailer solution?

Webetter is one of the largest food trailer manufacturers in China and counts with a very experienced team that can fulfill each costumer’s expectation. Webetter is also, one of the few companies responsible for the whole process of a food truck’s creation, starting from designing, adapting, manufacturing, testing and shipping the final product to clients all around the world. 

Every company is unique and has specific needs, Webetter emphasizes quality and functionality, therefore each product is completely personalized according to the industry and the client’s business.  

The inside of the food truck is designed in order to follow the workflow of the company that is using it, special equipment is installed, and the workspace design helps to maximize the workers performance. 

AIRSTREAM beer trailer

4. The process of making a beer & food trailer

The beer food trailer order is initially reviewed from a technical aspect, while all costumer requirements are being considered and the necessary adjustments are being made in order to ensure that the final design satisfies the client.

The beer food trailer  material that is mostly used inside and outside the trailer is stainless steel which is extremely resistant and prevents it from getting rusty. The work surface and floor on beer cart are waterproof, making it ideal for a beer producer. 

After finishing the main structure, food equipment in trailer is incorporated: double sinks for both hot and cold water, water tanks, workbenches, sockets, and lights are placed. The client has the ability to choose from a series of customized features, such as beer machine, AC, extra facilities, kitchen equipment and so much more. Everything you wish can be possible for you mobile beer food trailer!

After the construction is over, the vehicle is examined through a series of tests to ensure that the buyer receives it in a perfect condition. When the trailer is delivered to the costumer, it is polished and fully functional so that they can start working immediately. 

5. Why are food trailers the perfect solution for food brands promoting? 

Flexibility and adaptability

Food trucks provide a very versatile solution for new entrepreneurs that are just starting out or desire to give a whole new aspect to their product. Their flexibility to move around the city makes them suitable for various events and different venues.

The scenery changes everything, you can either serve home-made food to a crowded concert or set your trailer next to a park and offer your costumers the perfect picnic experience. 

Low cost

Having a food truck is a way more affordable solution than having a restaurant. You avoid paying for rent, you save on fixed costs, on cleaning service and staff salaries. The best part is that you can make the same amount of profit as any other restaurant at your food sector, by providing high quality food at the same price range.

Pandemic friendly solution. Covid -19 has created a new scenery for the restaurant industry. The majority of restaurants were obliged to reduce to one third of their capacity in order to keep the required distance between tables. They had to spend a bigger part of their budget in cleaning services and disinfection only being able to attend a small number of reservations. During lockdown this whole sector had to shut down or only provide take away service, while fixed costs and rent kept running. 

Food trailers have proven to be a solution that can fully function without any anomalies, while respecting all the security measures recommended by the governments. Most food trucks operate outside where there is constantly fresh air and a lot of space where clients can maintain social distance.

Brand Marketing & Brand Awareness. If you are a new business owner, you might not have the budget to spend on promotion and publicity. By owning a food truck, you can stop stressing about that! Just make sure you have a unique decoration, good food and friendly staff and Instagram users will take care of the rest. By choosing a cool location for your business your mobile food trailer can be your number one marketing asset. 

There are very few businesses that can have their logo showcased in any part of the city. Having a food catering trailer gives you a lot of exposure in highly visited public spaces.

6. Are you looking for the home of your next food trailer business idea? 

You might want to consider the solution of a food truck trailer for all the reasons mentioned above. If you are still hesitating, go ahead and ask us, do your research. We are here to answer each one of your questions and make your dream trailer come to life!

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