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Variety of food machines from our factory. To provide one stop food trailer solution, Webetter has built long-term supply chain with qualified food machine brands in China. We can offer different kinds of food equipment to build a fully equipped food trailer for you. You can select fryer, stove, griddle, grill, fridge, freezer, oven, showcase, BBQ machine, beer machine, coffee machine and many more equipment. Please check a part of our food machines for trailer.

Install your own food machine on trailer. Webetter can help you install those food equipment you have bought from other companies on the food trailer. You shall deliver these food machines to our trailer factory. You can also install those machines by yourself after you receive the trailer. You shall send us the specification of each food equipment such as dimension,weight, power to make sure there is enough space and power supply to make it work.


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Common Food Machines in Food Trailer

Food trailers are a great business concept because they need a relatively low inicial cost in comparison to a restaurant or a cafeteria and they are mobile, meaning that your business can come with you wherever you go.

Being new to the food trailer business can be overwhelming, especially if you already have prior experience in a traditional restaurant with a big kitchen. A very common question between new food trailer business owners is the following:

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What kind of kitchen equipment do I need inside my food trailer?

There are so many things you can install in your food trailer according to the needs of your business and depending on the food you are preparing inside. However, the main equipment all food trailers have is a sink, a boiler system with hot and cold water, work surfaces for preparing the food, shelves, and storage space to keep the ingredients, fridge, and a service window to serve the food to the clients.

As you can imagine a food trailer that sells fresh juices has different equipment needs than a trailer that sells pizzas, so to spaces distribution and the equipment installation can vary.

What additional machines can I install in my food trailer?

Countertop Fryer

A countertop fryer is an excellent option to install in a food trailer and it is great for frying small foods like potatoes, onions, chicken wings or churros. A countertop fryer can easily fit in a burger food trailer since it doesn’t occupy a lot of space.

There are friers that work with electricity and others that operate with gas. In both cases it is the most convenient option for a small food cart trailer. You can choose between a single tank frier or a double tank frier depending on the preparations you have to fry at the same moment.


Burgers and hotdogs are two of the most popular street foods and in order to prepare them you need to install a griddle. When installing a griddle to your food trailer you have to consider first on the size and the space it is going to occupy on the working surface. You should choose a griddle that will not take up you whole preparation surface, but it is large enough to prepare multiple things at once and keep up with the demand.

Most griddles are made out of stainless steel and iron so that they are easy to clean, and they can last for a long time without getting rusty. Furthermore, you can choose between an electric griddle or a gas griddle depending on the installation of your food trailer.


The stove or gas burner is one of the most common pieces of kitchen equipment in food trailers since you can do endless preparations on it. To keep up with the high demand on your mobile restaurant you can install multiple burners that cook food quick and efficiently.

Each burner has its own independent control allowing you to choose which burner you want to use and adjust the temperature. Moreover, food trailer stoves are very resistant and durable since they are made using stainless steel and cast iron that makes them perfect for high temperatures and water resistant.


An oven is useful for many food trailer preparations such as pizzas. You can choose between a gas over or an electric oven depending on the installation of your food trailer. Commercial food trailer ovens are small in size, compact, light weighted, and you can prepare multiple pizzas at ones.


Refrigerators are a must for almost any type of food trailer business. There are many types of refrigerators so you can choose one that fits your businesses needs.

If you have a small food trailer you can consider installing a worktop refrigerator which has a flat top that you can use to place other kitchen equipment or do food preparation. Make sure you consider the amount of food you want to store in your refrigerator and double check its capacity before the installation.

Coffee Machine

Coffee food trailers are on the rise and the installation of a coffee machine is quite simple. Most coffee machines designed to enter inside food trailers and food trucks occupy a very limited space, leaving you surface and storage to keep other things such as milk, syrups, juice makers and a breakfast bakery display.

Ice cream machine

Modern ice cream machines are durable, easy to clean and have a high-end design. Their body is made of stainless steel, and they have strong premium compressors. Ice cream machines don’t occupy a lot of working space in your ice cream trailer so that you can also install a milkshake maker and expand your food cart businesses menu items.

Apart from the ice cream machine you are also going to need a freezer to keep dry ice cream. Cold plate freezers are the most reliable to keep your product ice cold especially in hot weather conditions. These freezers are made from stainless steel, and they are equipped with very efficient compressors.

Food warmer display

Food warmer display are a very convenient solution for the food trailers that can prepare food in advance and keep it warm while displaying it to the costumers. Most food warmer displays are made out of metal and glass, and they have a mechanism that illuminates the interior of the display making the food look even better.

You can also adjust the temperature to keep the food you have prepared warm and ready to serve. A food display is the perfect way to showcase your food and attract more clients to your business. It has a sliding door that opens, and it is very easy to clean since you can place pull out trays. The display can be installed in the service window where more people can see it and order directly your delicious food.

Choosing gas or electricity to supply your food trailer kitchen equipment

When supplying your kitchen equipment, you have to choose between electric or gas appliances and both of them have their pros and cons.

Electric appliances need a lot of power to run and that means that you have to invest on a very powerful food trailer generator you may need to add a second generator to operate your business. However, electric appliances hold one temperature for longer.

Gas is an inexpensive source of power, and it is very efficient when it comes to heating, that means you can heat food quicker using less gas. To use gas food machines, you need to install propane tank on concession trailer. The downside is that gas can be quite dangerous especially used inside a small food trailer. Gas is extremely flammable, so you have to be extra careful and not keep a gas tank near to open flames.

What kitchen equipment do I need to start my food trailer business?

Now that you know all the different options of kitchen equipment you can install in your food trailer, you must decide on what you truly need to start operating your business.

Our recommendation is to only start with what is truly necessary to your business so that you keep your initial costs low, and you have extra surface to work on and extra storage space to keep things. Remember that you can always add an extra kitchen appliance later on if you need it.

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