Food Trailer in Stock and Ready to Ship

Purchasing an in stock food trailer can save your manufacturing time and ship immediately. It means you can start your street food business as soon as possible. Majority of our food trailers are customized for each customer. However, we will aperiodically release some in stock food trailers for you.
Food Trailer For Sale
Webetter food trailer in stock on sale
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FAQ of In Stock Food Trailer

All of Webetter food trailer in stock are branded new and have been never used before. We do not sell second hand food trailers.

Yes, we can add some food machines inside these food trailers but we need to check the  space inside to make sure there is enough space. Some of the structure and equipment have been installed and cann not remove. Thus, not all food machines can be installed into those food trailers. For specific customized food machine list and specifications, please contact with our sales team to get prompt reply.

The delivery time is based on the schedule of shipping/train to your country. Please share more details of your address and confirm the way of shipping with our sales representative. We will give you more accurate estimated delivery time under the assistance of shipping forwarder.

Majority of our in stock food trailers have been finished. We will suggest you to build a new customized one.

Yes, we can confirm the food trailer color with you and can customize your Logo and sticker onto the food trailer. You can send us your drawings or Logo file to Webetter.

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