Best Food Trailer Ideas For Street Food Business

Webetter food trailer ideas

The food trailer industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. Thanks to industrialization and modernization, people now work longer hours away from home and consequently eat more outside in restaurants and food trailers (1).

In the Unites States, there are over 35,000 active food trailer businesses with a net worth of over $2 billion dollars. With a growth rate of about 13.7% between 2017 and 2022, and an estimated average startup cost of $50,00, starting a food trailer business is an ideal small business (2).

At Webetter, you name it, and we make it and get it delivered to your door or location of preference. Are you still to decide which trailer is best for your business, have a look at some of there trailer ideas to help you make a good decision.

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1. Coffee trailer

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world after tea. Coffee contains caffeine which stimulates the brain function and increases overall productivity. Thus, people typically drink coffee round the clock, especially in cities with a colder weather.

A coffee trailer is ideal in business zones, places with morning rush hour or plenty of foot traffic. In a coffee trailer, you can decide to sell only coffee, or add other beverages like teas, expressos, hot chocolates, and other lattes. Some coffee trucks also add sandwiches, croissants, bagels, and other pastries for those who want a complete breakfast grab (3, 4).

The coffee business is worth $100 billion worldwide and the average coffee truck that is operates 5 days a week sells between 800 to 1000 cups of coffee alone a day (besides sales of other items on their menus) and makes $150, 000 annually (5, 6).

WB-280W food cart for coffee bubble
Webetter coffee trailer built for two brothers

2. Vegan food trailer

Vegans are people who abstain from eating meat or dairy, or any products made from them like eggs, cheese, milk amongst others either for religious, health or ethical reasons. There are about 79 million vegans worldwide and the demand for plant-based products like milk, meat and fast-food alternatives have been on the rise in recent years.

The vegan food market as of 2021 was estimated at over $16 billion. A vegan food trailer is therefore a niche concept that can be very profitable in vegan populated communities, or communities with health-conscious people. Vegan sandwiches, pizzas, and burgers are typical sell out vegan ideas on a vegan food trailer (7, 8).

3. Ice cream food trailer

Ice creams are one of the oldest foods sold in trailers and one of the most flexible as they can just drive through communities or be fixed in one location. They are a very lucrative business in very hot weather, the reason why summertime always sees a surge in ice cream sales.

On an average summer day, ice cream sales range between $200 to $500. An ice cream trailer owner selling five days a week can sell between $200 – $300 a day and up to $1000 a day on special holidays or festive days like July 4th. An average ice cream truck own selling 20 days a month can make an average of $5000.

It is a very seasonal business and ice cream food trailers can do well in crowded neighborhoods, in festive locations like summer parks or popular spots where people gather on holidays (9).

WB-400SG Ice cream food trailer
Ice Cream Food Truck

4. Sea food trailer

Sea foods are great source of vital nutrients, and an excellent alternative to meat for those who are desire to cut down their meat intake. Some vegetarians called pescatarians, do include sea foods in their diets, thus a sea food trailer can be an ideal business to engage in.

Sea foods consists of all forms of edible aquatic life like fish, shellfish (crabs, lobsters, shrimps, oysters, clams, squids, shrimps, prawns, crayfish, mussel, and periwinkles). The size of the fish and seafood industry is worth $3.1 billion in the United States and over $82. 7 billion in China as of this 2022.

A sea food trailer will be ideal in coastal regions, though they can also do well anywhere people are found, because apart from vegans, seafoods are widely consumed by most people in the society (10, 11).

5. Burger food trailer

Burgers are the most sold convenient food in the world today.  They are the first food that come to mind when people think of fast food. With simple ingredients like bread, meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and a good sauce, burgers are very easy to make and sell, the reason for their popularity.

A burger food trailer can practically sell and survive anywhere as the average burger taste well. In the Unites States for example the burger industry is worth about $108.5 billion (12).

Webetter burger trailer for Bibo
WB-400TS mobile burger trailer with double deck

6. Taco food trailer

The Mexican taco dish is a great fast food whose popularity is increasing by the day. Taco wraps can already be purchased from grocery stores, and the filling can always be prepared with the flexibility of the vendor. Its ingredients too are easy and quick to make, facilitating the operation of the trailer.

The tacos are the signature dish of the Mexican restaurant sector whose net worth is $62 billion in the Unites States. Running a taco food trailer is a great investment especially in neighborhoods with a great Spanish community (13).

Webetter taco trailer
Mexican taco food trailer

7. Waffle food trailer

Waffles are that light weight, easy to carry yet great tasting pastry. They are easy to make from scratch (about 30 minutes) or can be bought already made from grocery stores. Waffles sell well with coffee or tea or hot chocolate, lattes, or expresso.

So, a waffle food trailer can do well in a busy business area, where people can stop by for a breakfast, or lunch break grab. Waffles can also be served with fruits like strawberries and a syrup, which are all easy ingredients to handle on a trailer. Waffle houses sell about $1 billion according to estimates made by Forbes (14).

8. Fried Chicken food trailer

Frying and selling chicken outdoor in restaurants or on the streets in open air is a very old practice popular in many countries around the world. Running a fried chicken food trailer is a very profitable venture as chicken is widely consumed by a vast majority of people daily.

A fried chicken food trailer can stand anywhere and can also be mobile. It can also offer a variety of options like legs, breasts, nuggets, or tenders which are very convenient to carry accompanied by a good sauce or dipping. Fried chicken brands like KFC, Chick-fil-A and McDonald’s sell are all over a minimum of $5 billion, selling predominantly fried chicken (15).

9. Bacon & pork trailer

Pork and bacon are meats that people like to consume hot, and sometimes want to customize their orders as well. This makes them do well on a trailer, where clients can order and eat almost off the fire. Pork and bacon recipes are a die for, be it the ribs, or sides, grilled, or fried or toasted. The global pork market is currently valued at $236million and is expected to rise by 3.9% by 2027 (16).  

10. Donut food trailer

Donuts are great snacks to have on the go at any time of the day. From the colorfully creamed topped donuts that appeal to children, to the chocolate coated or plain donuts, everyone can find their preference with donuts. A donut trailer will do just fine in any neighborhood or business hub. The donut sector in the United States is worth $7.5 billion as of 2022 (17).

11. Hot dog trailer

Hot dogs have become an irresistible fill in sandwiches. From children to adults, hot dogs are a favorite comfort and fast food. A hot dog trailer can be mobile as well as fixed and can do well in a regular neighborhood. Th global hot dog market is valued at $75.8 billion, with an expected rise to $96.4 billion in 2025 (18).

WB-290F hot dog food cart
WB-290F Square food cart in USA

12. BBQ food trailer

Barbecuing meats remain an unparallel method of preparation for many people. The taste of bestowed on the meat from a combination of smoke and seasoning, is unparallel. A BBQ food trailer can operate well, grilling different kinds of meats, thus increasing its clientele. Outdoor barbecuing is very popular in the summer seasons, so operating a barbecue food trailer can have summer for peak season sales. The global barbecue market has an estimated value of $5.1billion (19).

Mobile BBQ pitstop food trailer
WB-700F BBQ food Trailer

13. Cupcake dessert food trailer

Cupcakes are the favorites of any child. As a matter of fact, the success of any children’s party lies heavily on the presence of cupcakes it is popular said. They are also easy to carry around making them very convenient foods. Cakes can sell either full piece, or in smaller portions, meeting different preferences.

Cupcakes, cheeses, and cakes are foods eaten round the clock and in all seasons. A cupcake/cheese/cake trailer will do well anywhere especially in areas where there are other food businesses, increasing its visibility. The cake market is valued at $44 billion with cupcakes contributing to about 18% of this revenue (20).

14. Pizza trailer

Pizzas are the next most popular fast food after burgers. They can be prepared in different ways, and there exists countless recipes that can be adopted by anyone who wants to run a pizza trailer.

Doing pizza in a trailer is a great way to use limited space, and the trailer owner can sell different sizes (small, large, medium) or even sell per slice. The global pizza industry is worth $144 billion with a surge in demand for pizzas in China and Latin America (21).

Brick Pizza Oven installed on Webetter trailer
Square pizza food trailer

15. Sandwich food trailer

Sandwiches are an easy grab and go snack and are quite easy to make on a limited space as a trailer. A sandwich trailer will sell well in a hectic business center, or people to eat something quick or buy just before they get to their offices, or better still stop by at lunch time and eat. The sandwich market in the United States is worth $20 billion. (22).

16. Fusion Cuisine Food Trailer

A fusion cuisine food trailer is one that sells a mixture of foods from different cuisine. For example, there are Thai and Mexican Fusion truck. A fusion cuisine food trailer works well where in communities where the inhabits are from mixed nationalities. In this case your clientele will be larger as you will be serving people of mixed cuisines.

17. Poke food trailer

The Hawaiian cuisine is also a much-loved cuisine, with their trendy dish, poke gaining popularity day by day. Poke which consists of veggies, fish and rice traditionally served in a bowl, can be well managed in a limited space like a food trailer. The poke food market is valued at $1.2 billion in the United States (23).  

18. Juice & Smoothie food trailer

Juicing and making of smoothies are a great way to consume fruits and vegetables. A juice and smoothie food trailer gives room for creativity on the part of the owner as they are no rules to follow. The owner can create unique recipes that can keep clients coming back. This trailer will thrive very well in areas with health-conscious consumers. The smoothie and juice bar sector are worth $2.3 billion in the United States (24).  

19. Salad food trailer

Salad eating has become very popular because of the increased education and consciousness on the role fruits and vegetables play in boosting our health. A salad food trailer can serve a variety of salad combinations, from vegetable salads, to mixed fruit salads, to fruits and vegetable mixed salads.

This trailer can sell anywhere and in convenient mini packs or medium packs as the owner deems fit.  A salad food trailer will also thrive excellently well with health seeking consumers and around offices where people easily step out for lunch. The global salad market is valued at $10.8 billion (25).

20. Kabob food trailer

Kabobs are meat and veggie sold on sticks. They are very portable and packaging or wrapping them for the go is also easy. The veggies placed in between the meat pieces on the stick, gives it a healthy look, which appeals to healthy consumers. A kabob food trailer will do well around neighborhoods with lots of night traffic.

21. Thai food trailer

The Thai foods are very popular around the world because of their unique and strong flavors. They are also very healthy, with lots of green vegetables, thus very appealing to health-conscious people. With their popularity rising every day, running a Thai food trailer is thus very profitable.

Webetter Thai food trailer in New Zealand

22. Beer/wine/cocktail food trailer

Beers, wines, and cocktails are beverages suited for little or large gatherings. A beer food trailer is ideal around business hubs where friends and colleagues can hang around after work for a glass or two to crown a good working day. The United States beer market is valued at $98 billion (26).

Heldon beer food trailer in events
Mini bar trailer

23. Crepe food trailer

Crepes are ideal for breakfast, and most people like them hot to eat alone or with a cup of tea or coffee or other milk beverages. A crepe food trailer will do well in a busy business area where people need to take a quick bit for breakfast or need to grab a portable snack for breakfast.

24. Popcorn food trailer

Popcorn is another food that has a long history of sale in trailers. A popcorn food trailer is very easy to handle with minimal expertise and training. It can be very mobile, running along neighborhoods. A popcorn food trailer can sell anywhere, so far as there is a crowd, and the little ones love them. Popcorn market is about $18.8 million thus a lucrative business food trailer to have (27).


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