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The mobile food industry has seen a great rise during the last decade. Many new food business owners have decided that a food trailer is a more convenient and inexpensive solution.

The restaurants and bars and cafeterias where some of the sectors highly affected by the Covid 19 crises with social distancing requirements and other restrictions. Food trailers and other mobile food services were more flexible and continued to operate. The number of mobile food businesses has increased by 79% between 2021 and 2017 and nowadays they are considered a billion-dollar business in the United States.

Thanks to the growing popularity of the mobile food industry more and more people decide to purchase a food trailer since they see it as a more inexpensive way to enter the food business world.

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The business opportunity for food trailer dealer

For the first time in history, we see great demand for food trailers all over the world but very few distributors that specialize in this kind of vehicles in European countries.

The food trailer market is far from being saturated and there is a big opportunity for new distribution companies that can offer good quality food trailers. Entering on the food trailer market at a moment where there is not much competition locally gives you time to establish your presence, develop your business and services, attract more clients, get experienced, and be the bigger distributor of your region in a few years.

The importance of finding a reliable trailer manufacturer

Selling cheap products might be easy but it isn’t a great idea in the long run. Successful and sustainable businesses prioritize client satisfaction and client trust. In order to achieve those goals, you need to invest in a high-quality product and chose a reliable partner to collaborate.

At Webetter, our big team of experienced professionals is constantly working on improving our vehicles and technology so that we can provide to all of our clients top quality food trailers that cover their needs and exceed their expectations.

All our food trailers are made considering the European quality standards so that we can guarantee their proper function. Furthermore, we are constantly making improvements on our equipment materials and technology without raising our prices.

Food trailer models and inventory cost

Another important aspect of your food trailer business are your trailer models and the inventory cost. Finding flexible models that need minimum adjustments and could be a smart solution for many types of businesses will save you time and money.

To start building your initial inventory you could chose some of Webetters best sellers that have been an inexpensive and convenient solution for many food businesses so far.

When it comes to kitchen equipment you decide if you want your manufacturer to install everything or prefer purchasing a trailer that just has the basic equipment and you can add everything else according to your clients needs.

Food trailer importing process, delivery time and taxes

Food trailers manufactured in Europe have higher costs than food trailers manufactured in China, however the most common problem when it comes to importing from a different continent is the delivery time.

In Webetter we manufacture and deliver your food trailers to you in half the time than anybody else. Most Chinese food trailer factories will take 60 days to deliver your order to you, but we can guarantee that you will receive it in only 25 days. You don’t have to worry about delays in the delivery time of your inventory since we always prioritize the distributors we collaborate with.

A food trailer distributor can be a quite flexible business idea taking into consideration the lower costs we offer and the fast delivery time. Before making the initial inventory investment consult your local taxes fees and tax policies for importing vehicles in your country.

Build your own food trailer brand in your market

Once you have found a reliable manufacturer that can provide you top quality food trailers it is time to make a market analysis to help you build your business plan and get your first clients.

A market analysis is a quantitative and qualitative assessment of your local market. By completing your market analysis, you will be able to understand what the value of your products on the market is and which is the volume of your potential clients.

Is there food trailer demand in your region? Are there restaurant businesses that could use a food trailer and you could convert them to potential customers? After answering these questions, you will start segmenting your audience and organizing your costumers depending on their needs, type of business and buying patterns.

Tips to help you succeed at becoming food trailer dealer

Being a food trailer distributor is not easy. To sell a food trailer to a restaurant owner you need to earn their trust and assure them that the food trailer that they are purchasing from you is not going to cause them any problems in the near future.

For a mobile food restaurant owner, a food trailer or food truck is the most important element of his business, and he cannot operate without it. Make sure that you offer to your clients a great quality solution that won’t let them down overtime.

To earn costumers trust you also have to take care of your image, your warehouse and your online presence. You need to know everything about the product you are selling and be able to answer all their questions.

  • Ensure regular preventative maintenance. Deliver the trailer in a perfect condition and set dates for preventative maintenances so that you make sure it stays that way. A client stays happy if his vehicle functions properly over the years.
  • Offer a minor reparations security for a small additional cost. If you cannot do the reparations inside your business establish collaborations with other professionals. A client feels more secure when he knows that he has a coverage if a minor damage happens.
  • Take care of your online presence. Take good quality pictures of your inventory and post them on social media along with tips and useful content for food trailer owners. Share examples of successful food trailer businesses that have purchased their trailer from you.

You could even ask a testimonial of your previous clients to showcase the quality of the vehicles you offer. Ultimately, make sure that you have an attractive webpage where the users can easily find what they are looking for. If you are planning on selling trailers online invest on setting up a great e-shop.

  • Keep up your reputation as a seller. This is a simple rule for any business that operates sales. Be honest about your product, represent it to your best ability and be there to solve any questions or problems your clients might have.

Should I invest on the food trailer market?

The mobile food business is going through a period of growth, it is already a billion-dollar business in the United States, and it is now rising in the rest of the world and especially in Europe.

The best moment to enter in the food trailer market as a distributor is now that there is not a lot of competition locally and that gives you time to develop, grow and establish your business.

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