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The exterior design of your food truck trailer causes potential customers to create an instant opinion of your food trailer in their minds. If the exterior of your food cart is fresh, inviting, and well-composed, you will be able to draw the eyes of these potential customers and convert them into buying customers.

Color plays an extremely important role in this. It is a huge part of visual marketing psychology. Numerous studies show that different colors impact the subconscious thoughts in human brains in different ways. Certain colors can evoke feelings of happiness, power, and thrills. You want your food cart’s exterior color to complement and represent your brand. If you succeed in doing this then you will be able to use this color in all of your marketing designs.

Color plays a huge role in memory recall and if the color of your trailer is memorable, customers will immediately remember the taste of your food when they see the color again. Your food trailer color should draw the attention of potential customers, then lead their gaze to your truck’s name and logo. This article will explain how you should go about choosing the color of your food concession trailers.

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Food Trailer Color From External Materials

Instead of wrapping your food truck in a particular color, you can custom make the truck with a material that already has its own color.

A wooden exterior, for example, can fit your brand message while giving you a rustic feel. Wood is inviting, warm and versatile. It can have a yellow, white, or brown tone. It is also more eco-friendly than a lot of other materials available on the market. It provides a homely feeling that could tie in with the message of your food trailer.

If you are making home-style cooking or a homely feeling is part of your brand, you should seriously consider wood for your food trailer’s aesthetics. This inviting and homely feeling wood creates could be important in attracting customers to return to your food trailer.

You can create a diverse look that will stand out from other food catering trailers in the area by using wood. You will be able to incorporate several different tones of wood without making your food concession trailer design too overwhelming. You can choose a wooden color and simply print your logo on it and you will have a simple, sleek, and memorable trailer design.

Stainless steel is another option that you can use. Stainless steel can be used in different colors, like silver, pink, and gold. It will give your food trailer a unique, industrial look. This will draw customers in because stainless steel gives a stylish, high-end look to a mobile food trailer.

The stainless steel color can be used as a neutral backdrop for your logo, letting your logo and branding be the main focus of the trailer’s exterior design. It complements diner-style food very well because it can fit in with the diner aesthetic.

Painting A Color On Your Food Trailer’s Surface

If you choose to use a block color for the exterior of your food trailer, the color is usually painted on the galvanized steel plate of the trailer’s exterior. You should search for the right color that fits your brand’s messaging and marketing strategy. You can either use a single color like red, green, etc.

You can also opt for a mixed color, which would be two colors mixed together to create the perfect shade. At Henan Webetter Intelligent Equipment Co., we can create you a customized color using the RAL standard. The RAL standard is a European color matching system used in architecture and design. If you order your food trailer from abroad, you will get the exact color you desire because the RAL standard is standardized globally.

Wrapping Your Food Trailer

A wrapped food trailer usually has a variety of colors with the brand’s logo printed on the trailer body. It is usually colorful and eyecatching. Unlike a paint job, a wrap can include clarity and detail, with text, large images, and background patterns. You can include extra elements to advertise your brand and draw in potential customers. Your wrap design should include your logo and relevant colors so that it can stand out from a distance.

Too much color or text, however, can be overwhelming to viewers. We recommend that you stick to using five colors or less in your design to make it eyecatching without being overwhelming. You can opt for either a full wrap where the entire trailer has a design or a partial wrap that only covers a portion of the trailer. Partial wraps are budget-friendly. We recommend a full wrap, however, because it will make your concession trailer stand out from all angles.

With a wrapped food trailer, you will be able to advertise your brand at all times. The design of your truck will always be visible to potential customers wherever it is being properly driven or parked. This means that you will be able to market and advertise your mobile catering trailer even when it isn’t operating. You can include your contact details or website in the design, helping you get your name out there and expand your business.

LED Strip Lighting On Food Cart Trailer​

If you want your food trailer to be visible and stand out at night then adding LED strip lighting is a viable option for your food trailer. There is a lot of competition at night time so LED lights can help you show your customers that you are open and draw them to your trailer.

You can opt for single-color LED strip lights with color options like white, green, red, and blue. You could also opt for a colorful LED strip light that flashes different colors and grabs potential customers’ attention. You can put lights around the trailer itself, on the undercarriage, or strip lighting around the food cart menu board.

How To Choose Your Food Trailer’s Color

The color of your food truck should attract the specific group of people you are looking to target as your audience. It can represent the color of the food you sell, the feeling you are trying to sell, or match your branding and logo design.

One method that you can use to determine the exterior color of your trailer is to use the color of the food that you are selling. If you are selling food with a distinctive color, matching the color of your trailer to your food could create a cool and cohesive buying experience.

For example, you could match the yellow color of cheese in a burger to your exterior design. Or you could match the brown color to your coffee trailer’s color. If you sell vegan or vegetarian food then using green is a good option because that color will reflect what you sell and attract the right clientele. Matching your food trailer color to the color of your food will make for a memorable and consistent experience, tying together your food and your branding.

You could also match the tone of color you use in your truck to the food you sell. Using a cool color for ice cream could bring together the food and truck’s exterior. You could also use a warm color for foods like meat or BBQ foods. Warm colors, like red and yellow, tend to send an exciting and outgoing message. Whereas cold colors tend to send a more calm and reserved message.

Basing your food trailer color on a particular feeling or emotion will make your food truck memorable. You should find out what motivates and interests your target audience and look for colors that evoke certain emotions and thoughts in their minds.

For example, colors like green can evoke feelings of peace, red creates excitement, purple can represent royalty. Red is also known to make people hungry. Bright colors can do an excellent job of attracting customers. Do not, however, underestimate the power of bold colors like black because these colors can also bring in customers. Once you have figured out the colors that your target audience connects with, you should make sure to choose one or more to include in your concession truck trailer design.

You can also use a color that matches your logo. If you match the color of your truck to your logo then it will make your entire exterior design very cohesive and consistent. You can add contrasting colors or white spaces to make certain elements of your design stand out and draw eyes to certain images or text.

Make sure to limit the amount of white space you add to prevent your trailer from being mistaken for a delivery or service vehicle. You should aim to use a design that gets your message across in a natural manner. You want to include elements that will attract the eyes of customers without being so cluttered that they do not know where to look.

Selecting the color of your food trailer can be an overwhelming experience. We have detailed numerous different color and design options that are available to you to help you through the experience. The overall things that you need to consider when choosing the color of your vending trailer are colors that will match your branding and attract the eyes of potential customers.

It is important for customers to enjoy the whole experience of buying from your food truck from the exterior of the truck that draws customers in down to the food that they enjoy.

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