Double Deck Vending Trailer

Double Deck Vending Trailer For Sale

Webetter double deck vending  food trailers are creative models in the food truck industry. Compared with other food trailers, this model has large rainproof space for people to drink, rest and eat food. It has maximum ability to treat you clients well.

We have Bar trailer models and 600TS trailer models in this double-deck food trailer series. Bar trailer has foldable stage and fences on both sides. You can use this side stage for musical band performance besides your food trailer. Clients can also sit on the top floor to eat and rest.

600TS food trailer has a large cooking room at the bottom floor with different kinds of food machines. Your client can take the food and step on the ladder inside trailer to arrive top floor.


WB-700Bar Vending Food Trailer

  • Trailer Dimensions:8300mm×2100mm×2600mm
  • Body Length:7000mm×2100mm×2300mm
  • Trailer Weight:2100Kgs
  • Color: Pink/Black/Yellow/White/Red/Blue/Custom

WB-700Bar is a creative food trailer design with foldable stage and double deck structure. This model can provide you with large space for serving clients and attract clients with band performance. It is a super hot food trailer to make your food business special.


WB-600TS Mobile Vending Trailer

  • Trailer Dimensions:7300mm×2100mm×2700mm
  • Body Length:6000mm×2100mm×2300mm
  • Trailer Weight:2300Kgs
  • Color: Pink/Black/Yellow/White/Red/Blue/Custom

WB-600TS is an impressive double deck food trailer with high customized functions. With this concession trailer, you can install most common used food machines, and expand your serving space & cooking space both upstairs and downstairs. Besides all cooking equipment, you can also install restroom on this model. Every corner of this model will not be wasted. 

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