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Mobile Coffee Food Trailer For Sale

Coffee trailer has been a popular products on street.  This business if based on the growing coffee market. As we know, the coffee trade is huge worldwide. Billions of consumers visit a coffee outlet every day and although the major chains are on every high street and shopping mall, the independent coffee outlets are not losing out as a result of corporate competition.

In fact, the corporate chains have raised the profile of coffee with many customers getting the coffee bug and then transferring their custom to their local independent retailers.

The coffee retail trade is certainly booming worldwide One in five of us , visit a coffee outlet every day and according to research , customers have become increasingly savvy over the coffee they like to enjoy and the places they like to visit.

Gone are the days when coffee was either a choice between white or black instant; today we all have our favourites and expect a choice of great quality coffee made in front of us. We also expect great surroundings and a positive vibe from our coffee shop.

Structure of Small Mobile Coffee Trailer


Dimensions(mm): L 2200 x W 1920 x H 2350
Axle: Single Axle
Weight: 750 kg
Equipment: coffee machine, sink, refrigerator, working counter
Support legs x2
Anti-slip floor and antibacterial certification
Autonomous water system with hot water supply and drain tank
Full internal LED lighting
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Why A Mobile Coffee Trailer Is Such A Good Street Food Business Opportunity?

Webetter 400SG coffee trailer
Webetter 220B food coffee cart
mobile coffee trailer at outdoor

Mobile food cart is a good opportunity for you to start business. Many people meet for coffee and use the coffee outlet as a place to socialise without hassle. The coffee business is a booming trend that if you do right, is extremely profitable.

If you decide to move into this business, you are in good company; The UK has seen an explosion of interest in coffee and across Europe, Australia and the USA, the trend is also increasing across all demographic sectors.

What makes a great coffee business?

One of the most important parts of any coffee business is serving great coffee. So ensuring that you are fully equipped with a first class commercial coffee machine is crucial to success. It is also important to create the right vibe so that your customers feel that they are enjoying great coffee in interesting and welcoming surroundings.

Coffee Making Equipment

Your coffee machine needs to be able to cope with high volume fast and be easy to use as well as reliable Your customers will come back to you if you produce a perfect cup of coffee each time with the minimum of fuss but with such a wide choice available , the barista’s job is never easy.

Espresso, Latte, flat white, cappuccino, mocha….it is a complex procedure that requires multi tasking skills as well as service with a smile. Practice makes perfect but having the right equipment is essential.

You might be surprised to learn that many of the world’s leading commercial coffee machines are manufactured in China. De Longhi for example is an Italian brand prized for its quality that is manufactured in China. China also manufactures all the equipment you could possibly need for a coffee business including electric coffee grinders, ice makers and more.

If you are thinking about starting your own coffee business but fear that the costs are prohibitive, looking to China for your equipment is a fantastic way to capitalise on the coffee trend.

Small Coffee food trailer

Mobile Coffee Trailer: Fantastically Easy Way To Operate Coffee Business

A mobile coffee trailer is a great way to start your own coffee business. A fully fitted unit comes fitted with everything you need and is a far less expensive option than fitting it out a bricks and mortar establishment yourself.

In addition, business rates can be prohibitive on bricks and mortar premises. In the UK for example many food outlets and coffee shops are struggling to survive on the High Street because although these cafes and shops can be profitable, the running costs are extremely high. A far more profitable alternative is to buy a custom coffee trailer.

As well as being far less expensive to start up as a business, a mobile coffee concession trailer gives you more options. You can go to your customers rather than expecting them always to come to you and position yourself just where you can. Here are some ideas to show you the advantages of a mobile coffee shop trailer over a bricks and mortar coffee shop.

  • With a mobile coffee cart you can operate in a regular spot in the similar way to any coffee business. Depending on your local regulations you can set out tables and chairs just like any other café or you may prefer to keep your mobile coffee shop as a strictly takeaway business.
  • If you have a mobile coffee shop you can use it for events such as festivals, craft shows, sporting events and more.
  • You can use it for local events too. How about a pitch at your local market or town show?
  • Street fairs, craft fairs, trade fairs, antique fairs; everyone loves a cup of coffee whoever and wherever they are!
  • Once your coffee shop trailer is fully operational you have the freedom to choose when and where to use it. Coffee works at all times of the day and night so you are not limited to any particular time frame.
  • A mobile coffee trailer is extremely profitable. You do not have the expense of shop fitting, business rates, cleaners and extra staff to man the premises.
  • You don’t have to invest in cups and saucers or factor in time for dishwashing either, if you don’t want to . A mobile coffee business can use throwaway cups and with many of these now available in eco friendly materials, you don’t have to worry about the environmental impact.
  • A mobile coffee trailer is ideal for a sole trader or a couple as it can easily be operated by one or two people. Alternatively you can take on staff for larger events if you choose a larger mobile trailer with the capacity for 4 people working at the same time.
Mobile coffee cart

Commercial coffee Machines On Trailer

Commercial coffee machines have a hard life and need to be reliable. Coffee machines work at high pressure and steam heat the coffee, heat and froth the milk and all within a couple of seconds.

You should make sure that the coffee machine you buy is correct for the projected size of the business. It is also important that it is reliable, hardwearing and easy to clean. With good maintenance and regular cleaning, your coffee machine should last years but it is important to remember that this is a major factor in any coffee business and you should never cut corners on price.

Coffee Quality Is Important for Mobile Coffee Shop

In addition your coffee blend is important. With such a coffee savvy population, if you don’t choose great quality blends your customers will go elsewhere so make sure that you don’t cut corners by offering up inferior blends. Buying in coffee beans and grinding them yourself is the most cost effective way of buying coffee and it also creates a fantastic aroma.

Most coffee aficionados favour Arabica coffee for its superior taste. Robusta coffee is generally used for blends but if you are already looking to start your own coffee business you probably already have plans on the sort of coffee you wish to sell.

coffee machines on Webetter concession trailer

Extra Tips To Starting Up A Mobile Coffee Business

All coffee shops serve food as well and this is an extremely profitable add on to your business. Whether you want to keep it simple with biscuits and cookies or wish to include cakes, pastries and even sandwiches, you can do this from your mobile coffee trailer.

The food sector is extremely lucrative as it offers a great return on outlay. So whether you want to sell home made cakes or light lunches, you can handle it from your mobile coffee trailer.

In addition it is a great way of selling cold drinks, ice cream or whatever you think will appeal to your clientele. Creating a space where the adults can enjoy a coffee and the kids can have an iced drink makes your space family friendly and popular. Don’t forget to provide some cold water tubs for the dog!

Why Are Webetter Mobile Coffee Trailers Such A Great Product

Coffee is fashionable and this trend is set to continue but with a lot of competition around you need to be certain that your business will always stand out from the crowd. And for this, a mobile coffee trailer from our company ticks all the right boxes.

We manufacture custom made mobile coffee trailers that can be fitted to your own specifications. Our most popular design is the Airstream food trailer model, reminiscent of classic 50s American design. This design is extremely cool and fashionable right now and will attract customers’ attention first off, simply because it has such a great look with such a wide appeal.

Your mobile coffee trailer can be painted and decorated just how you like it so check out some of the great ideas on the website.

High Specification Of Food Trailer Manufacturing Standards

However there is much more to our trailers than the external appearance. All the WeBetter mobile coffee trailers are constructed to very high specifications and standards.

We manufacture the whole unit from start to finish, from the construction of the chassis right down to the placement of the taps and colour design.

All WeBetter mobile coffee concession trailers undergo a lengthy production process that ensures that the trailer is safe to use, easy to tow and tough enough to withstand all weather conditions.

The business coffee carts are fully insulated and undergo stringent safety testing. They are fully road tested and manufactured to the standards and regulations of your own country so are custom made to each customer.

Even better you can choose the internal layout yourself if you wish. The mobile trailers are fitted with everything you need including double sink with hot and cold taps, fresh water tank, waste water tank and the electrical supply in place exactly where you need it. Stainless steel fittings, surfaces and the counter are easy to keep clean with very little maintenance needed.

If you are not sure of the best layout for your coffee business, speak to one of our representatives and let us help you decide. We will help you to build the trailer and help you import food trailer from China.

Food trailer menu

The Mobile Coffee Trailer Comes Fully Fitted With All Your Equipment.

Your mobile coffee trailer comes fully fitted with all the equipment you need to operate a thriving coffee business.

Equipment includes a choice of coffee machines, refrigerator for cold drinks and for storing supplies such as milk. We provide a coffee grinder plus a knock box, ice maker, cup washer, drinks dispenser if so wished.

All the equipment in the coffee trailer cart is manufactured here in China. We are the world leaders in manufacturing so buying the whole mobile coffee trailer direct from our company enables you to take advantage of our competitive prices for electric goods and equipment.

 The great thing about dealing direct with our company is that your coffee trailer is tailor made to your own requirements so comes fully fitted with everything that you need.

The Mobile Coffee Trailer Is Available In A Choice Of Sizes.

You can choose the size of the unit. Our smallest trailer is the WB-220 mobile coffee food cart which is suitable for 1 to 2 people working inside and weighs only 400kg. This model is ideal for regular sites or for operating a pop up café and is easily towable by a mid range car.

Our larger mobile trailer is the WB 400 SG which can accommodate 4 people inside. This option gives you more space and a bigger visible presence so is ideal for generating added interest and food sales too. This size of trailer is towable by a mid range car as it is roughly the same size and weight as the average family caravan.

Coffee trailer UAE

Webetter Can Help You Grow Coffee Trailer Business

Here at WeBetter we offer a bespoke service to our many customers around the world. We are passionate about providing the utmost in quality and design so can help you design the perfect business coffee cart for your own requirements. And all at the fraction of the price of having a trailer built and fully fitted out in your own country.

Prices start at as little $2,200 depending on model. We cover all the shipping and equipment so once your mobile coffee trailer arrives, your business is ready to go. If you have ever dreamed of owning your own coffee business or you wish to add on or switch to a coffee food truck, there has never been a better time to turn your plans into reality. Contact WeBetter via our website and let us help you design a great future for yourself and your finances.



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