Airstream Stainless Steel Food Trailer

Airstream Stainless Steel Food Trailer For Sale

Webetter airstream food trailer is our star model for high end food trailer markets. Its airstream shape has been make this food trailer fabulous to match your business. You can use this catering trailer for almost any kind of street food and snack food.

We have two designs in this airstream mobile food trailer series: SG model (galvanized steel exterior material) and ST model (stainless steel exterior material). SG model can be painted with different colors or mixed colors. ST model has different colors of stainless steel plate such as silver mirror, golden etc.

Mobile Airstream food trailer has stainless steel interior decoration to make you stay at an easier and cleaner cooking area. Technologies and details keep improving the quality of this food trailer. After building hundreds of Airstream trailers, we are proud of this Airstream food trailer working for your food business now.

Webetter food trailer distributor

WB-260SG Mini Airstream Food Cart

  • Trailer Dimensions:3600mm×2100mm×2350mm
  • Body Length:2600mm×2100mm×2100mm
  • Trailer Weight:900Kgs
  • Color: Yellow/Green/Blue/ Customized

WB-260SG mini Airstream food cart is one of the smallest food cart model. The food cart shape is cute and attractive. You can choose proper food machines to install inside and use this tiny food trailer for coffee, snacks, hot dog, ice cream and other street food.


WB-550ST Airstream Food Trailer

  • Trailer Dimensions:5340mm×2100mm×2350mm
  • Body Length:4000mm×2100mm×2100mm
  • Trailer Weight:1200Kgs
  • Color: Mirror/MattingColored SUS201

This food trailer is built with stainless steel body with popular shape. Many successful designs and technology have been used on this food trailer. You can use this model for different street food business and can install many food equipment. This airstream stainless steel mobile food trailer is your most efficient mobile shop on wheels.


WB-900ST Airstream Food Truck

  • Trailer Dimensions:10340mm×2100mm×2350mm
  • Body Length:9000mm×2100mm×2100mm
  • Trailer Weight:2500Kgs
  • Color: Mirror/MattingColored SUS201

WB-900ST is a large size Airstream shape food truck. It is equipped with different kinds of food cooking machines for street food business. It can be used as a mobile food restaurant for coffee, burger, pizza, beer and many other food catering service.  

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