Advantages To Buy Concession Trailer From China

Client bought Webetter concession trailer from China

Food trailers are on the rise as one of the fastest growing, most popular segments in the food industry. Every major city has flocks of restaurants-on-wheels, with passionate fans who follow them around the city, tracking their whereabouts on Instagram and other social media outlets.

In this era of entrepreneurialism, many people are looking for an affordable way to start their own business. On top of that, modern independent business owners crave freedom, novelty, and excitement.

Webetter food trailers have gained a stellar reputation, globally, as one of the top industry providers for breathtaking, customized food trailers. Over the last 10 years, they have rapidly ascended in popularity to become one of the most reliable, high quality, and affordable food truck providers in the Industry.

Webetter has provided high-end, luxury trailers at excellent prices to distributors and individual business owners in more than 60 countries, world wide.

Thanks to their masterful engineering, their passionate devotion to providing the highest quality product at the lowest price, and their wide range of gorgeous, creatively constructed trailers, they continue to delight customers worldwide with their top notch products and attention to detail.

Check out some of the reasons Webetter products are superior to all other providers in the market.

Webetter burger trailer for Bibo
Webetter burger trailer for Bibo
Webetter WB-260SG for Patatta food
Webetter WB-260SG for Patatta food

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Growing Food Trailer Quality From Factories in China

When you are investing in your food truck business, it’s important to build your brand around high quality products. First impressions are everything, and your trailer is the face of how you greet your clients and invoke their trust and curiosity.

When your storefront is a mobile food trailer, its appearance is a representation of your image. Fortunately, every last detail of Webetter’s magnificent trailers are constructed with beauty, functionality, and elegance in mind. Our team of experienced engineers is passionate about providing the highest quality product in the market, so you can impress your clients.  

Whether you are an individual business owner, purchasing your very own mobile storefront, or whether you are a distributor, purchasing for resale, you will be proud to show off your new Webetter trailer to start up your street food business.

Every Webetter food trailer is custom designed according to clients’ exact needs and specifications. Webetter food trailers are durable, and will stand the test of time, resisting shock and corrosion. Our paints and colors of food cart trailer are long-lasting, and the product is heat resistant, so it will endure the most sweltering summers.

By ensuring the best possible raw materials, Webetter’s experienced team of engineers takes pride in being able to provide you with not only a reasonable price, but also the highest quality durable product.

Your trailer’s unique specifications will be catered to, as the engineers at Webetter create a 3D custom design for you, tailoring every nuance to your business needs.

Whether your are wanting to start a mobile coffee trailer, ice cream trailer, a hotdog stand, or a Mexican restaurant-on-wheels, your mobile kitchen will come, customized with every feature you could possibly need.

Webetter backs this guarantee up with a lengthy warranty, and meticulous attention to detail every step of the way, as we help you design and customize your unique trailer. Our policy revolves around a commitment to its customers. We ensure that every single order is produced with care, so it is the best food trailer supplier available among Chinese food cart factories.

Food Concession Trailer Cost Effective Profitability

The cost-to-benefit ratio of purchasing a Webetter food trailer is one of the key selling points that sets them apart. Food trailers produced in other countries in the world, and even from other Chinese factories, are often much more expensive, as well as being lower quality.

China has spent decades developing the infrastructure to support affordable, high quality products, featuring superior designs. Webetter leads that pack, thanks to their years of hard work, connections in the industry, and devotion to being the best.

Thanks to China’s top notch manufacturing reputation, the ease of importation is also much simpler than purchasing trailers from other countries, and trying to deal with governmental import restrictions. China specializes in making the process as simple as possible, from start to finish.

As a distributor, the money you save on tariffs and taxes ensures that you can offer your customers competitive prices, while still earning a healthy profit margin on each unit sold.

When you compare costs of both domestic and international vendors, you will recognize the many advantages of buying directly from China. The specialists at Webetter can help walk you through the process, and you can research local brokers in your area, in order to find someone to help you with importation logistics on your end.

The Webetter storefront on Alibaba is yet another way we make the process incredibly simple and user friendly. It is the world’s largest marketplace, so you can feel extra safe when selecting the perfect trailer for your needs.

By plugging into this smooth system, you can get your business up and running, quickly and efficiently.

Mobile kitchens themselves are an incredible business, because once you purchase the trailer, you no longer have the overhead of rent to worry about. Purchasing the trailer is a one-time expenditure, and from there, your profit margins are much higher than they would be in a normal restaurant.

Thanks to this lower overhead, and the ability to prepare food in a new location every day, you are providing your customers with a novelty experience.

Food trailers from Webetter can help your business be an instant success, by lowering costs and increasing profits.

Unique Customization Food Trailer Designs and Layouts

Your business represents your unique thumbprint. The way your food vending trailer looks and functions says a lot about you.

This is why Webetter has created the ability for you to customize every last detail of your trailer, with the support of their helpful and knowledgeable staff. They will walk you through the process step by step.

When beginning your journey, you can peruse other clients’ food trailer designs and find one that suits you, and then modify it to serve your exact needs. You can also start from scratch, mix-and-matching internal and external elements. Product size, color, and interior design features are all customizable.

Depending on your particular restaurant concept, you may want stainless steel countertops, built-in sinks, refrigerators, freezers, or stove-tops. You may need a venting bar, or a certain type of window type, roof vents, or light fixture arrangement. It’s all available.

The internal compartment of every trailer is installed with top quality components, such as a large space locker, LED floodlights, a master switch, and a USB interface.

All varieties of cooking equipment that you might need can be installed in a Webetter trailer, to serve you. You may need a fryer, a steamer, a BBQ grill, a hot dog machine, or an ice cream machine.

The possibilities are limitless. You tell them your vision, and they can bring it to life for you. Webetter food trailers from our factory in China provide a massive advantage over mass-produced, cookie-cutter manufacturers.

The benefits of importing a Webetter food trailer not only include top quality construction, but also access to all of these unique, customized design features that would be extremely difficult and expensive to replicate with a US manufacturer.

Good Customer Service From Food Trailer Factory

As leading food trailer factory in China, Webetter takes great pride in their high-level staff, who operate from a space of impeccable professionalism and helpfulness. They take great pride in serving their customers and bringing their visions to life.

All Webetter products are certified with CE, ISO, and COC certification.

The engineers and team members at the factory always walk through a meticulous process to be sure that every product is of an optimal quality. To ensure that each trailer is top-notch, we always perform the following protocols and offerings:

-3D modeling

-free customization & resolution

-audio factory inspection

-quality control real-time feedback

-electric circuit test

-rain test

-emergency brake test

-equipment operation test

-they track the package until you receive the product

-quick after-sale service response

-free consultation for the shipment

Every customized trailer can be personally inspected by the buyer before the final payment is delivered, and the item is shipped. The item will be transported in a container to the Shanghai port, and then shipped via ocean, to arrive in a port near you.

Shipping times are fast and efficient, and ensure that you receive your product with as much ease and grace as possible. The broker you choose to work with on your end can help with any importation paperwork, making for a graceful experience.

The staff at the Webetter factory are always there to support the process and advise you.

Most of all, Webetter prides itself on its customer service, and in providing an excellent, creative, effortless experience for its buyers. The team of engineers and staff that work at the amazing, state-of-the-art Webetter factory, take great pride in creating an inspired, friendly, family environment.

We take great joy in providing the best concession food trailer products, and the best service possible for our valued customers.

When you purchase your food trailer from Webetter, you can be guaranteed that you are are purchasing the absolute best. And what could be more important, as you launch your business into the world?

Strong foundations lead to strong businesses. Be sure to align with the best in the market, so that your business can flourish.

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