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A Better Food Trailer Company From China

Henan Webetter Intelligent Equipments Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. With the fast developing concession food trailer markets, Webetter has been one of the largest and most professional food trailer manufacturers in China. With years of experience in designing and manufacturing food cart trailers, Webetter has already exported to more than 60 countries covering Europe, North America, South America, Middle east and Asia countries. We have many popular concession food trailer models which are certificated by CE,VIN, EEC and ISO certification bodies.

Webetter food trailer 2014-2018

Year 2014~2018

Webetter food trailer factory 2018-2020

Year 2018~2020

Webetter food trailer factory 2020-present

Year 2020~Present

With nice design, professional mechanism, advanced technology and professional management, Webetter food trailer quality and service are assured to help your street food business succeed. Our Mission is to build more high quality food trailer for clients from the world. Our Vision is to build a better life with Webetter food trailers. We always contribute to helping our customer finding out the most suitable mobile food trailer, so that they can have a better food trailer business and life.

Our Patents

Webetter food trailers are CE/EEC/DOT approved to allow you registered in your country. Our food concession trailers have been registered in European countries, United States and other countries.

Webetter brand certification
Webetter food trailer CE certification
Webetter quality management system certification
webetter export certification

Webetter Food Trailer Team

Professional Food Trailer Sales Team

Webetter has a big sales team who have rich experience of exporting concession food trailers and well-trained vending trailer knowledge. We are passionate to offer customized solution to build an ideal catering trailer for you. 

Webetter sales team are committed to offering one stop food trailer solution and assist you build a customized food cart in our factory. We can select the suitable kitchen trailer models based on your budget and can also help you sort the necessary food machines and other options like Logo, sticker, and generator.

If you are not familiar with the food truck importing process, you can always get help from our professional team to get answers. From negotiating the contract to manufacturing process and shipping, we offer you with better service.

Creative Catering Trailer R&D Department

Webetter has a great R&D team who has led the innovation of food trailer structure and designs. During the negotiation with our clients, many of them have come up with good ideas and customized request to build a distinctive and effective food trailer for their own. To fulfill the design into reality, our R&D department has finished a lot of researches and work on the material testing and improvement to build a better food trailer.

In past several year, our R&D department has assisted our clients by offering detailed food trailer designs, professional 2D/3D drawings and layouts which helped clients to get approval from local government departments. For each food trailer order, our R&D department will inspect the design to make sure it can work well for you after finish building.

Skillful Well-Trained Concession Trailer Workers

There are many manufacturing process to build a qualified food trailer. Workers in Webetter factory have been well trained in different department to handle professional skills such as welding, assembling, painting, testing, cable wiring etc.

While Webetter keeps improving the technology and food trailer quality, our workers has developed themselves to adapt to the new manufacturing skills and material treatment. They work hard to take care of the details of food trailer and ensure the quality before ship it out of Webetter food trailer factory.

Are you looking for affordable food trailer for sale or original food trailer manufacturer?

We have all kinds of food trailers with highly customizable exterior and interior for you!

Webetter Factory Glance

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