WB-700Bar Vending Food Trailer For Sale

WB-700Bar Vending Trailer Introduction

WB-700BAR vending food trailer is our new launched trailer model in 2020 and has been increasing popular since first model was built. 700BAR has the largest foldable stage area on left/right side of the trailer. It is also equipped with long rest zone space on top upstairs. The available large serving space makesWB-700Bar beautiful and functional.

  • 10sqm electric foldable stage on both sides
  • 12sqm large upstairs drink and rest area
  • Open kitchendesign with large windows frame
  • Beautiful lighting system and warm wooden decoration
  • Fast stage folding system and securely fixed while driving
  • Multiple food business application such as coffee, bar, BBQ etc.

WB-700BAR is attractive and impressive when this mobile vending food trailer parks and unfolds. With good appearance and functions, WB-700Bar is a sharp model to start your street food business.

WB-700Bar Vending Food Trailer Specification

Would you like to start a mobile vending food trailer with good price? WB-700BAR has integrated structure to cook your food.


Trailer Dimension(mm)
Trailer Body(mm)
Room Capacity: 10~15 People
Weight: 2050Kg
Axle: 2 set
Tire Size: 185/60R 14
Brake System: electric & hand Manual
Exterior Material: galvanized steel plate
Interior Material: galvanized steel plate
Stage Size: 5500mm×2000mm
Fence Heigh: 600mm

WB-700Bar is a specially designed vending trailer model and dislike majority of concession trailers in the market. It has integrated electric mechanical structure and many functional designs on upstairs and first floor. Although built as a mobile food trailer, WB-700Bar looks like a mobile house at outdoor when you park the trailer, open the stage, and turn on the lights.

WB-700Bar has a durable trailer structure of trailer chassis, stage materials, and upstairs floors. You can use this model to serve many customers at the same time. You can also prepare entertainment performance on trailer stage. Your customers can relax themselves and enjoy the outdoor food time.

Details Of WB-700Bar Trailer

Foldable stage on WB-700Bar trailer

Durable Trailer Side Stage

10sqm trailer stage on each side of WB-700Bar. Foldbale stage is controlled by electric winch and the stage is surrounded by wooden color fence.

Upstairs floor on WB-700bar trailer

Upstairs with Vinyl Floor

12sqm upstairs rest space for drinking and resting. The vinyl floor on upstairs can match tables and chairs to build a comfortable relaxing area.

Stairs to top floor

Cockle Trailer Stairs

 The cockle trailer stairs has durable rust-proof fence and anti-slip floors. Customers can easily enter the upstairs from the first floor.

Stainless steel fencing railings on WB-700Bar upstairs

Stainless Steel Fence Protection

Trailer upstairs is installed with full length strong  stainless steel fences for safety concerns. The height of fence can apply to local regulation.

Awnings on WB-700Bar trailer

Foldable Awnings Over Stage

It has big size foldable awnings and it can be on both sides. The trailer awning color can be customized and the control mode can be electric or manual.

Stainless teel water sink on WB-700Bar trailer

Food Trailer Watering System

Clean water tank and waste water tank under the sink. Available hot water with heater. We can also install grease intercepter with water system.

Water tanks under sink

Sink With Hot & Cold Water

Large washing sink capacity. The tap supplies both hot water and cold water. Large tanks for storing clean water and waste water under the sink.

Drainage system from upstairs to ground

Food Trailer Drainage System

Drainage system on food trailer can protect the trailer from heavy rainy days. The rain drop on upstairs can lead to ground with this system.

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Mobile Vending Food Trailer Applications

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