WB-600TS Double Deck Mobile Vending Trailer For Sale

WB-600TS Vending Trailer Introduction

WB-600TS mobile vending trailer is popular for its lifting up top deck to build a larger food trailer space. You can cook different food at downstairs just like other common food trailer. You can also unfold the top roof of food trailer to attract more clients to stay and enjoy the food.

  • Food trailer lifting structure looks like Transformers 
  • Large trailer space for cooking food and serving clients
  • Food trailer restroom is available for this model
  • Customized cooking function inside food trailer
  • Large size decorative food trailer wraps
  • Unique shape design from Webetter food trailer
  • Work as coffee trailer/Pizza trailer/Taco trailer/ Burger trailer

WB-600TS is much different from other vending concession trailer models on mechanical structure. You can attract more clients with its beautiful design and large space to stay.

WB-600TS Mobile Vending Trailer Specification

Would you like to start a double deck mobile vending trailer with good price? WB-600TS has integrated structure to cook your food.


Trailer Dimension(mm)
Trailer Body(mm)
Room Capacity: 10~15 People
Weight: 2300Kg
Axle: 2 sets 
Tire Size: 185/60R 13
Brake System: electric & hand Manual
Exterior Material: galvanized steel plate
Interior Material: galvanized steel plate
Color Painting: customized Color
Food Machine: Optional

While most of concession vending trailers are looking same, WB-600TS model has been designed in a different way. The two story design makes WB-600TS huge and eye-catching on street. This food trailer has integrated with most common functions for cooking. It can be equipped with gas bottle, range hood, water sink, fryer, griddle, pizza oven and many other customized functions.

Details Of WB-600TS Vend Trailer

WB-600TS food trailer wrap

Strong Trailer Chassis

The trailer chassis has been strengthened to reach 80km/h speed and can be customized with 3 axles. The chassis is strong and durable for machines and workers inside.

Storage door on WB-600TS food trailer

Extra Storage Box

To maximize the usage of food trailer space, we open a storage box under the stairs for you to store more goods and tools for working.

Interior cooking area of WB-600TS food trailer

Trailer Cooking Room

We customize cooking machines and equip basic working table, sink, water container, sockets, hood and gas pipe for you to cook food inside.

Upstairs of WB-600TS food trailer

Fence Board with LED lights

The detachable fence is built to protect guests from falling down from trailer upstairs. It has led lights for decorating and listing purpose.

Aluminum stairs to upstairs of WB-600TS fodd trailer

Aluminum Stairs to Top Deck

WB-600TS has a safe aluminum stair floor to get access to upstairs from the first floor. The stairs is enclosed so as to keep you safe while stepping onto it.

Generator box mounted on food trailer

Gas Cylinder Box

Customized box on the traction frame to fit your various sizes of gas cylinder. The box can be galvanized coating steel or stainless steel frame.

Air-conditioner on WB-600TS food trailer


The 110V/220V air-conditioner can be installed on interior wall to cool or heat the trailer kitchen room. The rating power of air-con can be customized.

electric cabinet of lifting upstair

Stable Lifting System

This trailer has been equipped with stable electric lifting up system. The upstairs can raise slowly to set up the top deck with 4 poles to support .

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WB-600TS Double Deck Trailer Applications

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