550ST Airstream Stainless Steel Food Trailer

550ST Food Trailer Introduction

WB-ST food trailers are most popular mobile food trailer models for all countries we have sold. After building hundreds of those stainless steel food trailers, we have maximized functions and designs based on this model. Features of the WB-ST food trailer:

  • Beautiful design with stainless steel interior and exterior 
  • Customized trailer length and optional food machines
  • Most popular model among our distributors’ orders
  • Wide applications such as Coffee trailer, Pizza trailer, Burger trailer, Taco trailer etc.
  • Easy to clean and maintain the food trailer
  • Fit local electricity standard including cables, sockets, lights etc.
  • All certifications including EEC, DOT and ADR for Europe, United States and Australia markets

You can buy this food trailer for all kinds of street food business. It is the most highly recommended food trailer model in our factory products.

Stainless Steel Food Trailer Sizes

Trailer Model Dimensions

WB-300ST: 4300×2100×2400mm
WB-350ST: 4800×2100×2400mm
WB-400ST: 5300×2100×2400mm
WB-450ST: 5840×2100×2400mm
WB-500ST: 6340×2100×2400mm
WB-550ST: 6800×2100×2400mm
WB-600ST: 7340×2100×2400mm
WB-700ST: 8340×2100×2400mm
WB-900ST: 10340×2100×2400mm
WB-1100ST: 12340×2100×2400mm

WB-550ST Mobile Food Trailer Structure

WB-550ST mobile food trailer has different designs and layouts to meet your needs. We can offer different food machines inside. You have more options to add functions such as cooking and displaying.

No matter what kind of street food business, you can use WB-ST food trailer to build a fully equipped food trailer. You can contact with our team to get more customized designs.

Airstream Shape Food Trailer Details

EEC standard food trailer traction frame

Towing Traction Frame

Different trailer towing frame options for your market such as CE type and AL-KO type. They work together with brake wire and certificated tires.

frame of WB-ST food trailer

Light Weight Trailer Frame

We use standard steel material to build food trailer frame. It has high heat resistance & high strength and has been built with light duty design.

stainless steel interior

Stainless Steel Material

WB-ST food trailer is covered with stainless steel plate including exterior walls, interior walls, and working benches. It is convenient to clean.

food machines in Webetter food trailer

Fully Equipped Food Machine

It can be equipped with sink, tables, refrigerators, oven, fryer, griddle, stove burner, and many other food machines you want for cooking.

Propane Tank installed on food trailer

Propane Tank System

We can install propane gas tank and gas pipe onto this food trailer for gas type food machines. It is cost saving solution and make your cooking easier.

Range hood on food trailer

Range Hood & Exhaust Fan

The range hood length can be customized on food trailer. It works with the exhaust fan on top of the trailer. We have UL certificated exhaust fan for United States market.

food trailer electric cabinet

Electricity Control System

Webetter use different standard cables and sockets according to client’s country request. It can work with three phases  or single phase design to power the electrical equipment.

Fire Suppression System on Webetter food trailer

Fire Suppression System

This stainless steel food trailer can be installed with fire suppression system to improve the security of cooking environment and can help you pass the examination.

WB-ST stainless steel food trailer models can be customized with many optional designs to make your food trailer better. From food machines to trailer structure functions, Webetter can provide maximum service to make your cooking comfortable and convenient. You can choose popular machines such as fryer, griddle, grill, stove, range hood, refrigerator, coffee machine, ice cream machine, pizza oven, warm display, hot dog machines etc..

Al-Ko parts on food trailer
Al-Ko parts
LED Lighting Stripe on trailer
LED Lighting Stripe
Range hood on Webetter food trailer
Range hood
LED logo on food cart
LED logo
Awnings on Webetter food trailer
Food Machines
Food Machines
Air-con on Webetter stainless steel food trailer
Stainless steel drawer on food trailer
Stainless steel drawer
Temper glass bench on food trailer
Temper glass bench

Would you like more mobile stainless steel food trailer models and sizes?  No problem!

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Stainless Steel Food Trailer Applications

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