WB-280W Mobile Food Cart

WB-280W Food Cart Introduction

WB-280W is a popular medium size catering food trailer to start fast food business. It is welcomed by many vendors because of larger space inside and more capacity. If you need comfortable space to put more food machines, WB-280 shall be in your purchasing list with good price. Check these features bellow:

  • 650mm Wide working bench on both left/right hand side
  • 5㎡Sufficient space for your food equipment and auxiliary materials
  • High customized decoration on exterior and interior
  • Completed water cycling system and electric system
  • Available for food business like coffee, taco, beverage, dessert
  • 670Kgs light weight and easy towing on road
  • Less investment to own your food business

WB-280W mobile food cart trailer model is an effective solution for cooking street food. The width and length can ensure you have enough space for a mobile food business.

WB-280W Food Cart Trailer Specification

Would you like to start a mobile food cart with good price? WB-280W trailer has integrated structure to cook your food.


Trailer Dimension(mm)
Trailer Body(mm)
Room Capacity: 2~3 People
Weight: 670Kg
Axle: 1 set
Tire Size: 185/60R 13
Brake System: electric & hand Manual
Exterior Material: galvanized steel plate
Interior Material: galvanized steel plate
Color Painting: customized Color
Food Machine: Optional

WB-280W food cart concession trailer has a good design to make the balance between interior space and trailer cost. You have many optional food machines installed inside the food trailer. Or you can simply ask us to help you install those food cart equipment to get fully equipped. Many clients benefit from the larger working zone to cook food such as coffee, Burger, Ice cream, Tacos, desserts etc.

WB-280W is also an exceptional product at reasonable prices in our mobile cart series. It is also a hot model ordered by our distributors. If you do not like the smallest size, this model can be a good trial order. You can also design your own food business based on this model or a customized larger size than WB-280W concession cart trailer. We are not limited to offer only certain sizes of food trailers.

Details Of WB-280W Cart Trailer

Durable trailer chassis steel frame

Strengthened Trailer Chassis

With strict raw material supply system, the galvanized square tube for trailer chassis have been well inspected. We treat the trailer quality as a priority.

WB-280W food trailer coupler

Common Food Trailer Coupler

Straight-Tongue coupler on WB-280W is our most common type of food trailer couplers. It has greater stability and less rattle when you haul the trailer.

food trailer sink with hot and cold water

Full Water System Supply

WB-280W trailer has equipped with full package watering system. It consists of fresh and grey water tank, water sink, water heater and pump.

Long stainless steel working bench

Commercial Working Bench

The stainless steel workbench has long table from trailer front to end. You can choose one layer, two-layer or drawers under the workbench.

WB-280W large interior space

Large Interior Room in Trailer

WB-280W mobile food cart trailer has a 2.8m by 2m large space with long work table, water sink, wall shelf and other equipment. It is comfortable to stay inside the trailer.

Professional food trailer coating

Professional Coating Treatment

Each of our delivered food trailer has experienced high quality primer, intermediate coat, and top coat for corrosion protection. The trailer coating color can be customized.

Fully equipped WB-280W food trailer

Various Food Business Cases

You can make the most of WB-280W trailer for many different kinds of food business. Those food machines inside can be customized and more functions can be added.

Webetter can build WB-280W with customized food cart trailer colors. We ensure the color can better match your logo or food color. For example, we can use red/yellow for burger food trailer and use brown color for mobile coffee trailer. We will send sample painted color before the final top coating on food trailers. Check our RAL food trailer standard colors by click here.

Different colors of WB-280W food trailer
Different colors of WB-280W food cart trailer

If you need to know how your food machines are installed into Wb-280W trailer, Webetter technician can offer your with 2D and 3D layout of this trailer. You will get all dimensions and layouts inside our trailer drawings. This layout service can help you ensure the space left and decide if this design is comfortable to work inside. Please leave a message to get more specific food trailer drawings of WB-280W from our team.

3D Layout of WB-280W food trailer
3D Layout of WB-280W food trailer

Each of Webetter food trailers is build with strict manufacturing process. To ensure the food trailer quality, we have built well organized team work and communication among sales team, technicians, workers and quality control department. Here is the main producing flow of WB-280W food cart:

1.Order information created
Our sales representative will check the necessary information with customer. And then the order information will be sent to our technicians who will double check.

2.Technician review order
Webetter technicians will review and ensure the correctness of order detailed information such as dimensions, structure & functions, electric wiring, and so on. Then the order information list is completed and sent to factory manufacturing department.

3.Preparing materials
Our food trailer workshop will prepare material for WB-280W food cart such as square steel pipe, exterior steel plate sheet, fireproof insulation cotton, cable wires, food machines and other materials on the food trailer.

4.Start trailer producing
Galvanized steel tube will be welded as the trailer chassis, insulation cotton will be filled and cables will be wired. Exterior painting will be 3 times and then install the working counter and food machines. Lighting device, socket, voltage governor and other electric system will be finished.

5.Testing before delivery
We will conduct water-proof test, electric equipment test and road drive test before shipping to make sure your trailer can work perfectly.

Webetter offers many optional customized additional equipment for your food trailer.We can build your trailer with different material of interior walls and floors. You can also add more food machines such as ventilation hood, freezers, stove burners. You can also come up with more ideas to decorate your food trailer built in our factory.

Trailer LED Sign
Trailer LED Sign
Awnings on WB-280W food trailer
WB-280W trailer gas tank box
Gas tank box
WB-280W double axles
Double axles
Food Machines
Food Machines
Customized stainless steel interior of WB-280W food trailer
Stainless steel interior

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WB-280W Food Cart Trailer Applications

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