WB-260SG Mini Airstream Food Cart For Sale

260SG Small Airstream Food Trailer Introduction

WB-260SG is one of the smallest Airstream food trailer among Webetter trailers. This tiny food cart has all basic cooking functions for street food. With good price to purchase, it is popular for mobile vendors to start food business on street. Features of the WB-260SG food cart:

  • 2.6 meters small food trailer body covering little space
  • Lightweight and easy to haul with car
  • Basic food machines like sink, range hood, refrigerator, working counter, sockets etc.
  • Customized food cart painting color and LOGO wraps.
  • Competitive food cart price to start food business.
  • Good tiny food cart for coffee, ice cream, hot dog, sandwich etc.
  • Approved food cart which can be registered in the global market.

WB-260SG is an ideal solution for small size food cart trailer. If you have a favor on this cute and beautiful shape, this tiny Airstream food cart can help you build an impressive food brand.

260SG Airstream Food Cart Trailer Specification


Trailer Dimension(mm): 3600×2100×2350mm
Trailer Body(mm):
Room Capacity: 1~2 Persons
Weight(Kgs): 900Kgs
Axles: Single axles
Tire Size:  185/60R 14
Color: Green (Optional)
Brake System: Electric & hand Manual
Exterior & Interior Material:
Galvanize steel /Stainless steel
Food Machines:
Optional (Coffee machine/Pizza oven/Ice Cream machine/ Hot dog machine/ Range hood/ Refrigerator etc)

Even though WB-260SG has a small trailer size, you can use this food cart for many business. In this food trailer, you can install coffee machine or Ice cream machine to sell drinks and desserts. You can also install hot dog machine or fryer to sell fast food. The water sink and refrigerator inside are also helpful food equipment.

To build a better food cart, you shall also make some custom designs to make your WB-260SG mini Airstream food cart more attractive. Webetter can paint custom color and install your own Logo design on this food cart. You only need to spend less cost to get a good quality food trailer. This is the biggest advantage of this tiny food trailer.

Mini Airstream Shape Food Trailer Details

Strong Food cart traction frame

Strong Trailer Traction

WB-260SG mini food cart has a durable strengthened trailer traction. The traction is galvanized and rust-proof. With high grade steel material, this food card is safe to drive on road.

DOT standard trailer lights

DOT Standard Lights

We use certified LED lighting on food trailer according to the final market. This WB-260SG food cart for United States  has been installed DOT standard lighting.

UL Certified Exhaust fan

UL Certified Exhaust Fan

Webetter can offer different types of exhaust fans on our food trailer. We can also install UL certified fans if the UL certification is mandatory at that state.

Stabilizers for food cart

Durable Trailer Stabilizers

Wb-2260SG has 4 sets of stabilizers to support the whole food cart. Those stabilizers are foldable and strong enough to carry food equipments and worker inside the trailer.

Electric control cabinet

Electric Control Cabinet

Webetter WB-260SG small concession trailer has safe electric control cabinet design. It can easily control all lighting wiring and socket wiring inside the food trailer. The cabinet is convenient to use.

Stainless Steel Working table

Stainless Steel Work Table

The stainless steel working counter in WB-260SG can offer space to cut and prepare food materials. We can also build storage cabinet or water sink under the work table.

Range hood for food machine

Range Hood System

This range hood has strong suction and can effectively exhaust cooking fumes out of the small food cart trailer. It works together with the UL certified exhaust fan on top of the trailer.

Stainless steel interior inside food cart

Stainless Steel Interior

WB-260SG tiny Airstream food trailer  has been decorated with stainless steel plate inside the food trailer. This material is easy to clean and has been widely used in cooking space.

Would you like more Airstream stainless steel food cart trailer models and sizes?  

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WB-260SG Stainless Steel Food Cart Applications

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