WB-220B Food Cart Trailer For Sale

WB-220B Trailer Introduction

WB-220B food cart trailer is the best solution for your start-up street food business with less investment. You can install many common food machines inside the food cart and it can apply to a variety of food business. Check these features bellow:

  • Affordable price with less investment under 3K
  • Top popular model for all markets
  • High space utilization for machines
  • 10+ custom painting color and logo design
  • Custom length, width and exterior/interior material
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • 110V/220V with all standard sockets
  • Work as coffee cart trailer/Bar cart trailer/Taco cart trailer/ Ice Cream cart trailer/Dessert cart trailer

WB-220B is one of the cheapest mobile food cart you shall not miss in China. It will be your best partner to work on your food business then earn more money. Get a detailed quote now!

WB-220B Cart Trailer Specification

Would you like to start a food trailer with good price? Wb-220B has integrated structure to cook your food.


Trailer Dimension(mm)
Trailer Body(mm)
Room Capacity: 1~2 People
Weight: 350Kg
Axle: 1 set
Tire Size: 185/60R 13
Brake System: electric & hand Manual
Exterior Material: galvanized steel plate
Interior Material: galvanized steel plate
Color Painting: customized Color
Food Machine: Optional

WB-220B food cart has a well organized structure in the small body to give you different functional cooking zones. We can offer basic cooking machine such as fryer, stove, griddle, and we can also give fast food cooking equipment like coffee machine, ice cream machine, hot dog machine. This cart trailer is popular model for different street fast food business.

The small size of WB-220B food trailer can make you benefit from less shipping cost. One 40ft container can fit 7 units of WB-220B food trailer models. That is why this model has been popular among our distributors. Even if you only want to buy 1 unit, it will not cost too much for you to ship it.

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Details Of WB-220B Trailer

Easy towing small food cart

Easy Towing Small Trailer

 With CE standard draw bar and electric brake system, this small food catering trailer can be easily towed by your pickup and SUV cars on road.

Flat stainless steel working counter

Large Working Counter

Stainless steel working bench at both sides of the food cart. You have large space under counter for storing refrigerator and other machines.

Water cycling system on WB-220B food cart

Sink With Hot & Cold Water

Large washing sink capacity. The tap supplies both hot water and cold water. Large tanks for storing clean water and waste water under the sink.

Strong stabilizers on WB-220B trailer

High Strength Stabilizer

Strong and durable jack to support the whole trailer. Adjustable height by manual operation. Multiple structure options for different weights.

WB-220B food cart aluminum floor

Aluminum Floor with Drain

Embossed aluminum plate floor is anti-slipping design and the stainless drain is helpful when you clean the interior of the food cart.

Gas bottle holder of WB-220 food trailer

Gas Bottle Holder

We offer customized size gas bottle box to make small cart trailer convenient to cook everywhere without electricity supply limitation.

WB-220B food trailer painting

Painting Three Times

The catering trailer has exquisite appearance with careful painting. Each trailer is painted at least three times to improve the lifelong coating.

WB-220 food carts are painted with the Classic RAL Color System. There are some most popular colors like black, white, red, yellow, pink and so on. You can also custom the color you like for mobile food cart and we will paint it in our factory. Learn more about our food trailer colors by click here.

Would you want to know the interior layout and space inside? Webetter can offer you with free 2D/3D drawing layout to install your equipment. If you would like to design and build a customized structure for your business, our technician will give professional suggestions and detailed drawings support. 

WB-220B food cart 3D drawing layout
WB-220B food cart 3D drawing layout

Each of Webetter food cart trailers is build with strict manufacturing process. To ensure the food trailer quality, we have built well organized team work and communication among sales team, technicians, workers and quality control department. Here is the main producing flow of WB-220 food cart:

1.Order information created
Our sales representative will check the necessary information with customer. And then the order information will be sent to our technicians who will double check.

2.Technician review order
Webetter technicians will review and ensure the correctness of order detailed information such as dimensions, structure & functions, electric wiring, and so on. Then the order information list is completed and sent to factory manufacturing department.

3.Preparing materials
Our food trailer workshop will prepare material for WB-220B mobile food cart such as square steel pipe, exterior steel plate sheet, fireproof insulation cotton, cable wires, food machines and other materials on the food trailer.

4.Start trailer producing
Galvanized steel tube will be welded as the trailer chassis, insulation cotton will be filled and cables will be wired. Exterior painting will be 3 times and then install the working counter and food machines. Lighting device, socket, voltage governor and other electric system will be finished.

5.Testing before delivery
We will conduct water-proof test, electric equipment test and road drive test before the food cart is shiped to make sure your food cart trailer can work perfectly.

WB-220B has rich food machines and optional configuration to make your food trailer more functional. You can choose popular machines such as fryer, griddle, range hood, refrigerator, coffee machine, ice cream machine, hot dog machines etc. We have more add-on items and please contact our team to get more options.

Trailer LED Sign
Trailer LED Sign
Range hood on food trailer
Range hood on food trailer
Al-Ko parts on WB-220B food cart
Al-Ko parts
Cabinet on food cart wall
Cabinet on wall
Food Machines
Food Machines
WB-220B food cart double side windows
Double side windows

Would you like more food cart trailer models and sizes?  No problem!

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Wb-220B Food Cart Trailer Applications

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