WB-200RR Horse Food Cart For Sale

200RR Small Horse Food Cart Trailer Introduction

WB-200RR horse type food cart is a tiny size trailer with traditional horse trailer shape. It can be empty inside the trailer. We can also build customized size and equipment inside the food cart. This horse food cart is welcomed by clients who love horse shape trailer and combine it with their food brand. Here are features of the WB-200RR food cart:

  • 2meters small food trailer body with double axles
  • Lightweight and empty trailer with additional cooking food equipment
  • Customized food cart color and LOGO wraps.
  • Cheapfood trailer price for small food business.
  • Approved food cart which can be registered in the European and American markets.

WB-200RR is a good solution for you to buy cheap food carts. You can install your own food machines inside this food trailer. Webetter can also install our basic equipment inside to save your work. It is a beautiful horse food cart to work with!

200RR Horse Food Cart Specification


Trailer Dimension(mm): 3200×1800×2350mm
Trailer Body(mm):
Room Capacity: 1~2 Persons
Weight(Kgs): 900Kgs
Axles: Double axles
Tire Size:  185/60R 14
Color: White (Optional)
Brake System: Electric & hand Manual
Exterior & Interior Material:
Galvanize steel 
Food Machines:
Optional (Coffee machine/Pizza oven/Ice Cream machine/ Hot dog machine/ Range hood/ Refrigerator etc)

WB-220RR is a small lightweight trailer to start your food business. It can be designed with different sizes which you want. With a retro style, this food cart can be used for racetrack or horse farm. You can also use this horse food trailer in many different sites because it is very attractive to offer different foods and drinks.

With WB-200RR horse food cart, you can start different food business such as bar, coffee, ice cream and much more. The internal area can be customized for many food machines to cook and create the most efficient use of the inner space to optimize the layout.

WB-200RR Horse Food Trailer Details

Strong horse food trailer tongue

Strong Trailer Tongue

WB-200RR has a strong trailer tongue for hauling. It is built with durable steel with galvanized treatment. This trailer tongue structure can allow you to drive at 80KM/H speed on road.

Durable horse food trailer chassis

Steel Trailer Chassis

Webetter use high grade steel material to build WB-200RR food cart. The food trailer frame has high strength with light weight. It can carry more food equipment inside the food cart.

Double axles of small horse food trailer

Double Axles

This horse food trailer has double axles and four tires. With larger loading capacity, you can install more food machines and cooking materials inside the horse food cart. 

Large back door of WB-200RR horse food trailer

Large Back Door

WB-200RR horse food cart has a large back door. It can be fully opened and you can enter into the food cart easily. The large width and hight of trailer door allows big size equipment to enter.

Multiple catering windows on small horse food cart

Multiple Catering Windows

WB-200RR has multiple catering windows around the trailer body. More sunlights go through those windows and make it bright inside the food trailer. You can better serve food with those windows.

Custom layout in horse food trailer

Customized Inside Layout

WB-200RR horse food trailer is empty inside under the standard version. We can also instal stainless steel work table, sink system, cabinets and other equipment inside the food cart.

Wooden color painting of horse food trailer

Wooden Color Painting

This food cart is painted with white color and wooden color. It makes the horse food trailer beautiful look with retro style.  You can also customize the color of this small catering trailer.

Custom size horse food trailer

Different Available Sizes

WB-200RR horse food cart has a standard length of 2 meters. We can also build larger size horse food trailer based on your requirement. 

Would you like more food concession trailer models and sizes?  

Download Webetter food cart trailer catalog for you! 

WB-200RR Horse Food Cart Applications

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